Effective Cheetah Series


Do you have the skills and tools you need to be an effective contributor?

Finish What You Start. Cheetah’s 20 PDU course, 601 - Effective Project Management, teaches you and others how to finish your projects. In this course you will learn how to speed read the book “Cheetah Project Management,” and then immediately put what you have learned into practice. This is a unique learning experience because through doing the course activities you will immediately achieve better results faster with your efforts.  
Play Well With Others. Cheetahs 20 PDU course, 602 - Effective Negotiations,  you learn how to collaborate with others based on your unique strengths so you discover incredible solutions together.  During this course you will learn how to speed read the book “Cheetah Negotiations, and learn how to “speed read” people's personality type so you can leverage their innate strengths as well.  As a Cheetah student, you also learn the standard negotiation tactics people may try before they learn how to collaborate with you based on strengths.  You learn how to turn this around for great mutual gain.


Maintain a Level of Peak Performance. Cheetah's 10 PDU 603 - Peak Performing Mind class - You learn how to create an effective influence strategy to adopt the practices to keep your brain in peak performing condition.    As a Cheetah Student, you learn the same techniques Cheetah Learning has used over the past twelve years to put Cheetah PMP exam prep students body's and minds into peak performing condition so they can pass the PMP exam after only four days of prep.   



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601 - Effective Project Management:
"Learning how to organize a project and see it through
to the end. Also, learning to listen to others for their
input and ideas. Learned how to delegate

602 - Effective Negotiations:
"Learning how to speed read
personality types and how that relates to
people's strengths, weaknesses,
and communication styles. Very
valuable knowledge/skill."


603 - Peak Performing Mind: "Getting myself in
better physical shape and creating a more
a healthy mind and body FOR ME!"