A Taste of Agile - Overview

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Credit - 2 PDUs, 0.2 CEUs
Tuition - $150.00 USD

Start Date - Available now. Access to course content begins as soon as your payment is received.
Duration - 2 hours - you will have 20 calendar days to access the course content and up to three attempts to pass a short 10-question online exam from the date you register.  We do not grant extensions because it doesn't drive YOU to completion.

Course Location - Online

Access - Instructions provided when you register and payment processed.  

Course Material - Participants will need a computer with Internet connection (DSL or higher is better).  All the materials and instructions you will need to do the activities are provided online.

Accreditation - PMI® R.E.P., IACET

Agile principles and practices are topics of growing interest and importance in the project management community. PMI's research has shown that the use of agile has tripled from December 2008 to May 2011.  Project management practitioners are embracing agile principles and practices as a technique for successfully managing projects because of the value that agile can have in decreasing product defects, improving team productivity, and increasing delivery of business value.


The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the values of agile principles and practices, and how Agile compares with the PMBOK® Guide-Fourth Edition Process groups and differs from traditional waterfall principals. Common terms are defined and the activities prompt you to identify how agile you may already be, and if PMI's new PMI-ACPsm certification is right for you.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the Agile Philosophy and the values of agile principles and practices and how agile compares with the PMBOK® Guide-Fourth Edition Process groups and differs from traditional waterfall principles.

  • Review Agile terms and identify where you may already be in applying Agile principles and practices.

  • Determine if agile methodologies and PMI's Agile Certified Practitioner certification are right for you.

Course Details

  • The course is designed to be done at your own pace and you have access to the course content for up to 20 days.
  • The course follows our online accelerated quality in learning model - Learn, Do, Check, Act.  First, you learn the step (the activity described in each module), next you do a related activity in your own environment, then you check your knowledge by completing an online exam, and lastly you create your action plan of how you're going to use what you just learned in your Project Management career.
  • In order to receive full credit for each course, you will need to complete all the activities and pass (passing score is 70% or greater) a computer based online exam to ensure you have grasped the concepts of the course.
  • The exam will be auto scored and once your achieve a passing score of 70% or greater the online course will be marked as successfully completed.
  • If you don't achieve a passing score on the first attempt, you can take the exam a maximum of three times.  Exam results will be made available for you to view on your  MyCheetah page (most recent exam score & results will show) when you click on the Exams Link under the course.
  • Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive an email to complete a short online evaluation.  Once you complete and submit the evaluation, your course completion certificate will be available to view/print from your MyCheetah page under the transcripts tab and contains all the information to report PDUs to PMI.  Note: The link to complete the online evaluation is also on your MyCheetah Page under the 'Transcripts' tab. 
  • We are IACET Certified (you can earn CEUs with our course) as well as being a PMI® R.E.P. (you can earn PDUs with our course).