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Course Overview

Is it possible that there could be a different “right” path for you?

Activate your Innate Genius and better leverage your Innate Strengths to find the right path for you where you:

1. Can learn faster and achieve your goals quicker.

2. Pick better projects and finish them faster.

3. Negotiate in ways that are best for your natural skills.

4. Better leverage the Innate Strengths of other as well

5. Create the career opportunities that best leverage your natural strengths

You can complete this 60 hour online program in as quick as ten days, but we give you three months

Become a Cheetah Certified Project Manager

Program Details

Credits: 60 Cheetah Spots/PDUs – The Cheetah Certified Project Manager courses online are designed for you to integrate the skills you learn into your day to day life by doing five to ten hours of skill based activities per week.  You can finish this program in as quick as six weeks, however we recognize that you may be juggling a career and family so we give you up to twelve weeks from the date you register to complete all the activities. If you want to register but wait a few weeks to start, please let us know as soon as you register.

Tuition: $2,495 USD – Contact Us about corporate and college student rates or create your own installment payment plan with Affirm.

Access: You can start the CCPM program immediately or you can select to wait up to a month to start. Once we have received payment in full, you will be provided instructions on how to access the program. The course is delivered online. Activities done offline wherever you are working on your projects.

Material: In order to complete the program activities, you will need to have the Cheetah Project Management and the Cheetah Negotiations books. You can either buy them in Kindle format, or can choose to have us mail you hard copies.  All other materials you will need to do the activities are provided online. .

Here is what a recent student shared:
“The overall methodology was clear, organized, and simple to implement. I was amazed that course went far beyond project management. There were some beneficial life lessons embedded in the course as well. I would recommend the course to anyone who needs a fresh approach to life in general.” – L. G.


What You’ll Learn

In the Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) course, you discover your innate strengths, use these strengths to activate your abilities to learn fast, and unlock your potential using modern neuroscience and accelerated learning methods. You will fine tune your abilities to focus, complete projects, negotiate and boost your career.

Learning Objectives:

  • learn how your and others’ innate personalities help and hurt in learning, completing projects, and negotiations.
  • get and keep your mind in Peak Performing Condition so you can pursue your goals and dreams at Cheetah speed.
  • pick the right projects for you to work on and learn how to start and execute those projects in a way that helps you complete them at Cheetah speed.
  • learn how to bring out the best in others and create agreements that help everyone soar.
  • learn how to develop and lead projects you complete cheetah fast.
  • identify and create the situations that will help you excel in your career and in every project you pursue.

For a complete course outline, download the CCPM Course Syllabus:

button-cheetahcertifiedprojectmanagersyllabus .


The Instructors

Cheetah Certified Project Manager Coaches have extensive real-world experience in Project Management. They have all gone through the CCPM program themselves and mastered skills in developing high performing project teams, doing projects, negotiating, and learning based on their own unique strengths, and they love helping their students do the same.


You have twelve weeks to complete this course once you start it. Upon successful completion, you are granted permission to use the world renowned Cheetah Learning brand by calling yourself a Cheetah Certified Project Manager and placing the CCPM designation after your name. To do this, you must complete the course in the allotted time. We are very firm on this policy. If you do not complete the course in twelve weeks, you will not be granted an extension. You must complete all the course activities to the satisfaction of your Cheetah Coach and pass all the exams successfully. Then, you will be able to call yourself a CCPM and use the Cheetah Certified Project Manager badge on all your professional identification materials. You can request a refund within 72 hours of registering if you don’t feel this is the right program for you. Once you start the course, there are no refunds. We have a 100% money back learning guarantee.*

*If after you complete the course with a passing grade, you feel you did not improve how you learn, do your projects or negotiate, we fully refund your course fee. You also forfeit any credits you earned as we only can give credits when people actually learn.