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Maintain Your PMP Certification with Professional Development Units (PDUs)

If you hold a credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI®) you required to maintain your certification with Professional Development Units (PDUs). The number of units that need to be accumulated to maintain certifications varies based the type of professional certification.

PMP®, PgMP®, PfMP®, PMI-PBA® certification holders need 60 PDUs every 3 years and PMI-ACP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-RMP® certification holders need 30 PDUs every 3 years in order to maintain their certification. For a more detailed breakdown on meeting the requirements set by PMI®, Check out our Talent Triangle Guide.

Below is a list of Cheetah Learning PMP PDU courses organized by number of PDUs. All online PMP training courses are self-paced; you set your own learning schedule. You do the activities as part of your day to day work or home life. This means that of you are doing a great job at work while taking the course and meeting both your personal and professional goals.

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60 PDU Courses

Prepaid PDUs – 60 PDUs

The best deal on PDUs. Register for Prepaid PDUs and you will have access to 16 online Cheetah Learning PDU courses that can be used towards maintaining your certification. You have three years from the date of purchase to complete your coursework. Learn More…

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) – 60 PDUs

You are unique and the best way for you to learn, do projects and negotiate is unique as well. Work one-on-one with a Cheetah Coach to fine tune your Project Management skills to create a life where you fully leverage the strengths in yourself and others. CCPM’s rise to the top by completing their projects Cheetah Fast and by bringing out the best of everyone on every project they lead.  Learn More…

Technical 30 Technical Leadership 20 Leadership Business/Strategic 10 Business/Strategic

Personality Based Project Management (PBPM) – 60 PDUs

Learn how you and your Project Team members innate personalities help and hurt you and your team in learning, projects and negotiations. Discover your Project Management personality, strengths and weaknesses. Learn More…

Technical 30 Technical Leadership 20 Leadership Business/Strategic 10 Business/Strategic

Cheetah Project Management Office (PMO) – 60 PDUs

PMI revealed findings showing that 37% of companies that had a PMO for less than a year reported increased project success rates, and companies with a PMO for four years or more had a 65% increase in their project success rates. Learn More…

Technical 42 Technical Leadership 9 Leadership Business/Strategic 9 Business/Strategic

On Par Project Management – 60 PDUs

Cover key components of the PMBOK® Guide Project Phases (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing) as well as Cheetah Project Management Techniques through the hands-on activity of playing ten rounds of golf. Learn More…

Technical 60 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Cheetah Action Project (CHAP) – 60 PDUs

Bring to life the Project Management Process Groups described in the ANSI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) to complete a project of your own choosing in under 40 hours. Learn More…

Technical 60 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Project Home Improvement – 60 PDUs

Bring to life the Project Management Process Groups described in the ANSI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) to complete a home improvement project of your own choosing in under 40 hours. Learn More…

Technical 60 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

25-50 PDU Courses

Building Your Business – 50 PDUs

This instructor-led online course teaches you how to get your business up and operational so that you create a stable future for yourself, your family, and your future employees.  Learn More…

Technical 16 Technical Leadership 29 Leadership Business/Strategic 5 Business/Strategic

Certified Accelerated Learner Program – 40 PDUs

We live in a world where the New York Times produces as much information in one day as people experienced their over entire lifetimes just 200 years ago. Being able to learn faster and retain more information longer is no longer a luxury – it’s a mandatory requirement to stay viable in a highly competitive employment market. Learn More…

Technical 20 Technical Leadership 12 Leadership Business/Strategic 8 Business/Strategic

Project Management of Spring Cleaning – 40 PDUs

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for Spring. Inspire yourself and others to become engaged and committed to helping you achieve your Spring Cleaning goals. When this course is done, you will have accomplished your goals and intrinsically inspired all your stakeholders to work with you again. Learn More…

Technical 22 Technical Leadership 10 Leadership Business/Strategic 8 Business/Strategic

Project Turnaround – 40 PDUs

Become more resilient. In this practical, hands-on course you learn to leverage Project Management skills to create and capitalize on emerging opportunities to turn around situations that are no longer working. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 40 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

PM Toolbox – 40 PDUs

Create a customized toolbox of best practices templates for your organization using key components of the PMBOK® Guide Project Management Phases and Knowledge Areas. Learn More…

Technical 40 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Enterprise Project Management – 35 PDUs

In this instructor led course you learn how to communicate with senior executives so they understand the project performance improvements needed in your operation. Create a framework and templates for implementing new strategies. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 35 Business/Strategic

Project Prosperity – 35 PDUs

Leverage Project Management skills to improve prosperity for yourself and others by determining the meaning and goals influencing your path to prosperity and determining your sources of capital and how to leverage them. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 35 Business/Strategic

Project Energy Independence – 35 PDUs

Assess your current energy usage, ways you can cost effectively reduce your energy usage without making significant lifestyle changes, develop various alternative energy options that are right for your situation, and implement strategies for your own energy self-sufficiency program. Learn More…

Technical 10 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 25 Business/Strategic

Project Portfolio Management – 30 PDUs

Learn, implement and manage an effective Project Portfolio Management process that meets your company’s overall strategic imperatives through stewardship of the portfolio of projects. Learn More…

Technical 30 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

The Happiness Project – 30 PDUs

Make your happiness a priority, learn simple but effective stretching and breathing exercises, explore how to adapt to your new lifestyle, find a positive way to connect with others and fill your body with nutritious foods to keep your brain and gut happy too. Learn More…

Technical 5 Technical Leadership 25 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Fundamentals of Accelerated Learning – 25 PDUs

Learn Accelerated Learning techniques to create a whole-body, whole-mind, whole-person learning experience where you can quickly assimilate a large amount of content in a way that facilitates instant recall. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 25 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

15-20 PDU Courses

Cheetah Project Management – 20 PDUs

The ultimate guide for efficient Project Management. Launch a project with a team and use facilitation techniques for getting a team to com to agreement about project scope, deliverables, dependencies, risks, schedule and budget. Learn More…

Technical 1 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 19 Business/Strategic


Effective Project Management – 20 PDUs

First, discover your strengths and challenges for doing projects. Then, using hands-on activites, immediately learn how to leverage your strengths to pursue your goals, fast. Learn More…

Technical 1 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 19 Business/Strategic

Effective Virtual Teams – 20 PDUs

Find a sense of connection and improve how you relate across distance, cultures and generations to create high-functioning virtual teams. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 20 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Effective Negotiations – 20 PDUs

We all negotiate throughout the day. How effective are you? Assess your personal strengths and challenges to develop negotiation strategies to get what you want, fast, where all parties benefit from the interaction. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 20 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Communicating Through Conflict – 20 PDUs

Learn and practice communication skills to transform conflict from destructive experiences to growth experiences and to help teams change their relationships dynamically over time. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 20 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Sales and Marketing Accelerator System – 20 PDUs

Quickly accelerate your sales, regardless of the size of your operation, using simple and proven techniques that help you stay focused and on target with your sales and marketing goals. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 20 Business/Strategic

Cheetah Family Office Set-Up – 20 PDUs

Clear the clutter, clear your mind. Create an organized home family office using structural, hard file and soft file systems so you can easily find what you need, fast. Learn More…

Technical 20 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Project ROI – 15 PDUs

Increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for your projects and your life. Using your unique strengths and personality, expand what is possible for you. Learn More…

Technical 15 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Project Management of Weight Loss – 15 PDUs

If you can effectively manage projects, you can effectively reach your weigh loss or weight control goals. Using the PMBOK® Guide, design your own unique and customized fitness program. Learn More…

Technical 15 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Project Management of Pet Care – 15 PDUs

New pet? No problem. Using the PMBOK® Guide, design your own pet care program that excites your stakeholders and reduces conflict. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 15 Business/Strategic

1-10 PDU Courses

Pro Forma and ROI for Project Management – 10 PDUs

Leverage Pro Forma financial statements to better estimate the ROI of your projects. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 10 Business/Strategic

Peak Performing Mind – 10 PDUs

This course is the foundation for effective learning: develop your own approach and adopt practices that put your brain in peak performing condition. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 10 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Project Management Strength Builder – 5 PDUs

Using a self-assessment, identify your strengths and determine your personality type and use those results to pin point what contributed to past successes and how they can be leverage to create a thriving career in Project Management. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 5 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

The Goal Lab – 5 PDUs

This course will transform the way you see and pursue goals. Focus on the right goals and pursue those goals the right way – for you. An extra activity will help you become more resilient, tolerant, and accepting creating a deeper appreciation of what makes you happy. Learn More…

Technical 2 Technical Leadership 3 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Project Management Career Builder – 5 PDUs

This course is an eye opener if you’ve found yourself, “stuck”. Get a fresh perspective and leverage your Project Management skills, education and experience to develop enhanced career opportunities. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 1 Leadership Business/Strategic 4 Business/Strategic

Selling Project Management to Senior Executives – 5 PDUs

Would you like senior management to be more supportive of your projects? Do you know how to get their attention and “buy-in”? Create a plan to present to senior executives so your projects can flourish. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 5 Business/Strategic

Payback Analysis – 2 PDUs

Develop an awareness of your needs, align your interests with what you need, and create a payback analysis to determine your most cost-effective choices and become less dependent on others. Learn More…

Technical 2 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Earned Value Analysis – 2 PDUs

Find out what Earned Value Management formulas can tell you about the state of your projects and review ways to keep projects moving forward by keeping project passion alive. Learn More…

Technical 0 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 2 Business/Strategic

Project Quality Management – 2 PDUs

Assess your current quality management capabilities and customize tools to address quality issues you encounter. Learn More…

Technical 2 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

Rapid Synthesis of the PMBOK® Guide – 2 PDUs

Learn about the changes in the PMBOK® Guide and the importance of keeping up to date with the evolving knowledge within the profession of Project Management. Us accelerated learning techniques to rapidly synthesize new materials. Learn More…

Technical 2 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

A Taste of Agile – 2 PDUs

Embracing Agile principles and practices is ideal in our fast changing world. Learn these principles and see if PMI’s PMI-ACP® certification is right for you. Learn More…

Technical 2 Technical Leadership 0 Leadership Business/Strategic 0 Business/Strategic

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