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Overview – Project Micro Green


Is the MicroGreens Project right for me?

  1. Are you concerned about becoming healthier and the challenges of doing that with the quality of your food supply?
  2. Would you like to grow more of your own food but are concerned about the time and labor involved?
  3. Do you want to help those around you eat better as well?
  4. Can you follow simple instructions? (This is easier than setting up an Ikea shelving unit!)
  5. Do you want to learn how run a successful micro business with skills you can use for any other business venture you’d like to pursue?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Project Micro Green is right for you. Learn how to grow your own food year round. You follow a proven process with easy to follow instructions to set up a fully operational micro green system. You will be eating your micro greens in less than a month. Without these hydroponics training courses, it takes most people several years to figure out how to efficiently grow micro greens year round.* * In these hydroponics training courses you are guided in how to procure and set up all the components of the Cheetah Micro Green Vertical Hydroponics System. Depending on the quality of micro green system components you purchase, you will spend $600 to $1200 to set up your fully operational micro green system.

What You’ll Learn

You will master how to: 1. Source, Purchase, and Set Up your grow tent so that you have a fully operational vertical hydroponic micro green system 2. Grow an assortment of micro greens from seed to table in under two weeks. 3. Use your micro greens in every meal in a variety of ways to increase the nutrition and flavor of many of the foods you already enjoy. 4. Distribute your micro greens to others in the ways that works best for you and your community – whether it be in sharing programs, community supported agriculture, farmers markets, restaurants, local health food stores, schools, senior service meal programs, corporate cafeterias, or other community food services – many places want and need your micro greens