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Cheetah Learning now has an accelerated PMP® exam prep program for as low as $1495. For more information about PMP Exam Prep, Corporate Discounts, and Installment Plans, call 888-659-2013 or email.

1. Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM)

Duration: 12 Weeks

Number of PDUs: 60

Description: Inspire, Adapt, and Excel – Learn how to develop great project teams In this 60 hour, twelve week PMP education online program where you work one on one with your Cheetah Coach. You learn how to leverage yours and others innate strengths to learn, do projects and negotiate. You then learn how to bring out the best of everyone and create more opportunities to excel.  LEARN MORE… 

2. Project Turnaround

Duration: 8 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 40

Description: When faced with a situation that is no longer working in your favor, how do you turn the situation around to put you back out leading the pack? And when the old rules no longer apply but the new rules are still emerging, how do you learn how to navigate turbulent times to turn your situation around, fast? This course teaches people how to leverage Project Management skills to create and capitalize on emerging opportunities to turn around situations that are no longer working. The program follows four levels of learning – Awareness, Knowledge, Skills and Mastery. It is a practical hands on course so the student develops the ability to immediately turn around bad situations. LEARN MORE… 

3. Effective Project Management

Duration: 8 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 20

Description: Discover your innate strengths and challenges for doing projects. Learn how to pick the right projects for your unique capabilities and do your best on the projects you don’t get to pick. Learn a fast, fun, and easy way to do the variety of projects you encounter throughout your life. Learn how to move “Cheetah fast!” You will learn and practice techniques to leverage the strengths of people helping you with your projects. You will also learn the most effective Project Management behaviors for you based on your innate strengths that can help you achieve long-term, sustainable success in pursuing your goals. LEARN MORE…

4. Effective Negotiations

Duration: 8 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 20

Description: Learn how to get what you want, fast. In this course, you learn and practice effective Cheetah negotiation strategies and tactics that are applicable to any career field or job type. You learn strategies where all parties benefit from the interaction (this is one of the keys to getting what you want fast). You use what you learn to improve your day-to-day effectiveness in a wide variety of negotiations – from dealing with loved ones, subordinates, co-workers, bosses, merchants, attorneys, and customers. This course includes a negotiation styles self-assessment that will help you understand your negotiating strengths and challenges.  LEARN MORE…

5. Effective Virtual Teams

Duration: 4 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 20

Description: If your company is outsourcing, telecommuting, or dispersed geographically, you are a virtual organization and part of a virtual team. While virtual work geographically allows corporations to recruit and retain the best talent and develop partnerships across multiple time zones, it also relies more on relationships and alliances forged by an electronic handshake. Individual team member relationships, communication and workplace community building is critical for teams to align with the mission, vision and goals of the organization.  LEARN MORE…

6. On Par Project Management

Duration: 15 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 60

Description: The purpose of this course is to bring to life the Project Management phases and processes described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). In addition, you use the Cheetah Project Management Techniques to play ten rounds of golf in a 15-week period and document your results.  LEARN MORE…

7. Cheetah PMO

Duration: 12 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 60

Description: Put your organization on the Cheetah fast track with a Cheetah PMO. As with all Cheetah courses, you will get your PMO on the fast track to success while doing the activities in these 60 PDU classes. If you don’t yet have a PMO, this course will help you establish a PMO that best suits your organization. If you do have a PMO, this course will help you get it up to speed. A study done by the Project Management Institute (PMI) revealed that the longer a company had a PMO in place, the better their project success rates were. Their findings showed that 37% of companies that had a PMO for less than a year reported increased project success rates, and companies with a PMO for four years or more had a 65% increase in their project success rates. LEARN MORE…

8. Project Micro Greens

Duration: 6 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 30

Description: In this 30 hour PMP education online course, you get the kit to set up your own small scale vertical hydroponic system and learn how to quickly grow a variety of delicious micro greens year round – wherever you live. If you can comfortably live there, so can your indoor micro green vertical hydroponic system.  LEARN MORE…

9. Project Management of Spring Cleaning

Duration: 10 Weeks

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 40

Description: Can you imagine a scenario where you and your family look forward to spring cleaning? Sounds like a scene from out of “The Twilight Zone,” right? Well, this can be a reality with Cheetah Project Management of Spring Cleaning course. In this course, you will learn how to inspire yourself and others to become engaged and committed to helping you achieve your spring cleaning goals. You will do this by leveraging others’ interests and strengths in a way that has them inspired and even enthusiastic to help you in your spring cleaning project.  LEARN MORE…

10. Pre-paid PDUs

Duration: 36 Months

Number of Cheetah Spots/Education Credits: 60

Description: When you register for the Cheetah PMP® Pre-Paid Classes and PDU classes, you lock in a great bargain on PMP education online courses at $850 for 60 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits. You have 3 years from the date of purchase to use up your class credits, so why wait until the last minute? Get your class prices locked in today! LEARN MORE…  

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