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  • 4 Critical Skills to Make a Difference in Your Career

    Find out your personality type, then go several steps further learn how to make a huge difference in your career. Become a Cheetah Certified Project Manager.

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Back in 1991, while toiling away as an Aerospace Engineer, I found this book called “Do What You Are, Discover the Perfect Career for You.”  While having achieved my early life’s dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer, I felt there was something else I could be doing to contribute more of my talent to humanity.  This book helped me realize that my true strengths were as an entrepreneur and teacher.  The key to success, according to this book, was finding the right path for you based on your personality type.

    Twelve years later, serendipitously I met the authors in person.  Their children attended the same school as mine.  I discussed with them the idea of using their concepts of picking your career based on your personality type, to have people learn how to leverage their innate strengths to master four critical skills that could help them make a huge difference in their careers, just like I had done in mine. I hired them to help me integrate these ideas into Cheetah Learning courses.  We tested this for ten years in our accelerated learning online course format.  We saw first hand how tens of thousands of people quickly moved up in their careers when they learned how to leverage their innate strengths in these four key areas:

    1.  Learning.  We all have unique ways in which we learn best.  When you can master how you best learn based on your innate strengths, you can pick up new skills quicker, you can change faster, and you can pursue better opportunities.  Given how rapidly our world is changing this skill is critical to remain viable in any career.
    2. Focus.  There are so many things vying for our attention that distraction is now the number one block for people to move forward in their careers.  Mastering how to focus in the way that works best based on your innate strengths, not some cookie cutter approach to focus, is the difference between soaring vs struggling in your career.  Why not create the best approach for you to focus as what works for you is going to be as unique as you are.
    3. Completion – Finishing projects is a major feat these days.  Considering 75% of all projects fail to meet their objectives, learning how to pick the right projects for you and finish those projects in the way that works best for you helps lead the charge for change in any organization you serve.  Every single one of us does projects  – look at any goal you have.  You are much more likely to achieve that goal when you set it up like a project and do the project in a way that best uses your innate strengths.
    4. Negotiate – We all negotiate all day long with co-workers, suppliers, friends, family, bosses, and customers.   The luxury of being a good negotiator is not just for those naturally talented at negotiations.  Every single one of us – yes even you, has natural talents in how you best get along with people.   When you learn how to use your natural talents with the fundamentals of a negotiations process where you learn how to bring out the best of everyone, you create alliances that can make your career soar.

    I have personally spent the past 23 years developing a comprehensive online accelerated learning approach to help you quickly master these four critical skills.  We’ve had over 70,000 students who have become Cheetah’s with our award winning programs.

    The specific program to master these skills we call the Cheetah Certified Project Manager program.  You use proven accelerated learning techniques to complete all the coursework in 60 hours, over 12 weeks and it is all online.  Once you’re done, you even get to call yourself a “Cheetah Certified Project Manager.”  This credential shows the world you have the ability to learn fast, pick the right projects for you, and finish them fast, and negotiate with others in a way that brings out the best of everyone.

    Here is what one of our recent students had to say:

    What was the most valuable part of the course?: “The overall methodology: clear, organized, simple to implement. I was amazed that course went far beyond project management. There were some beneficial life lessons embedded in the course as well. I would recommend the course to anyone who needs a fresh approach to life in general.” – L. G.

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