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INSPIRE – ADAPT – EXCEL – Develop Great Project Teams

Demonstrate you know how to leverage your and others’ strengths to create high performing project teams.   In this 60-hour online program, you learn how to leverage innate strengths in three very important domains: how you learn and where you place your focus, how you do your projects, and how you negotiate. You quickly learn how to do what will make you and your project teammates stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

SUITABLE FOR ALL PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS  While one person can help an entire team perform better after completing the Personality Based Project Management Program, to achieve even better results with your project team, it helps when each team member knows the best way to use their respective innate strengths.   This course is suitable and recommended for all project team members.  To register your whole project team call 855-286-9900.

Program details

  • Credits – 60 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits
  • Tuition – $3600 USD
  • Start Date – The program is available online and you can start the program as soon as we receive full payment.
  • Duration – 60 hours – The Personality Based Project Management program is designed for you to integrate the skills into your day to day life by doing five to ten hours of skill based activities per week. You can finish this program in as quick as six weeks, however we recognize that you may be juggling a career and family so we give you up to twelve weeks from the date you register to complete all the activities. If you want to register but wait a few weeks to start it, please let us know as soon as you register.
  • Program Location – Delivered Online. Activities done offline wherever you are working on your projects.
  • Access – You can start the program immediately or you can select to wait up to a month to start. Once we have received payment in full, you will be provided instructions on how to access the program online.
  • Program Material – While you can start the program immediately, in order to complete the the activities in modules 3 and 4, you will need to have the Cheetah Project Management and the Cheetah Negotiations books. Therefore, you should order these books right away.  All other materials you will need to do the activities are provided online.

What you’ll learn

This course includes activities specifically designed to help you uncover your and your project team members’ innate strengths and how you can best capitalize on those strengths to learn, do projects, and negotiate.

Topics covered include:
  • Ready, Set, Learn – Learn how YOU best learn, fast.
  • Cheetah Focus – Put your mind in peak performing condition.
  • Cheetah Project Management – Move fast in the RIGHT direction for YOU and your Project Team Members.
  • Cheetah Negotiations – Bring out the BEST in everyone to create agreements that create tremendous long-term, sustainable value.
  • Cheetah Career Boost – Learn how to create and capitalize on the right opportunities for YOU.

Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • Learn how you and your project team members innate personalities help and hurt you and your team in learning, projects, and negotiations.
  • Get and keep your mind in peak performing condition so you can pursue your goals and dreams at cheetah speed.
  • Pick the right projects for you to work on and learn how to start and execute those projects in a way that helps you complete them at cheetah speed.
  • Learn how to bring out the best in others and create agreements that help everyone soar.
  • Learn how to develop, lead and work in project teams in a way that helps bring projects to a successful completion, fast.
  • Identify and create the situations that will help you excel in your career and in every project you pursue.