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Learning from Experience is EXPENSIVE

75% of Projects Fail Due to Poor Project Management

Master the Skills Required to 
Create Significantly Better Results Faster with Far Less Effort with Projects

Cheetah Certified Project Manager

Discover how you can become a better Project Manager, increase others trust in you, and your influence, while also gaining a significant competitive advantage in your career and in your business.

The Crucial Project Management ‘Misconception:  You need to follow complex processes and methods to be successful with your projects.

The Systematic Situation: Why becoming more you and leveraging the unique strengths of others COMBINED with customizing proven simple project management approaches can skyrocket your career. 

Here’s the 60 hour Online Course that’s going to give you what you REALLY Need to Create Significantly Better Results, Faster, with Far Less Effort

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Dear Friend,

Let’s face it: you don’t have time or resources to waste with Project Management Processes that won’t work for you.  That is extremely EXPENSIVE. 

Yet it’s a mistake many make thinking there is only one right way to do Project Management.  And if it doesn’t work for you, you are doomed to fail.  

I want to help stop the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding this line of thinking.  

It’s all a part of the 60 hour Online Cheetah Certified Project Manager Program.

….without the anxiety or wasted time.

But here’s the best part: Our techniques aren’t just useful for becoming a great Project Manager.

You’ll actually a gain transformational lifetime learning experience that will help you learn 5x faster too!

Here’s What Cheetah’s Approach to Project Management Will Give You:

This isn’t your typical Project Manager course where you get loaded down with powerpoints and caffeine and come away with a jumbled mind and no clear path to follow.

You’ll come away from the 60 hour Cheetah Certified Project Manager Program with the following so you can start achieving your goals (and finishing your projects) at Cheetah speed.

– A Clear Path to Leveraging Your Innate Strength – CHECK

So you no longer have to worry about whether or not if you are on the right path for you.

 – A Simple Process for FINISHING your Projects FAST – CHECK

Our techniques focus on core accelerated learning skills that will help you understand the best way for YOU to do projects so you get better results, faster, with far less effort.

 – The Chance to Elevate your Professional Life – CHECK

So you can stop being a worker-bee, get promoted, and become a well-respected leader in your industry.

 – More Time to Focus on the Things that Matter – CHECK

So you can stop worrying about if this is all there is and get on with creating the epic adventure that is your life.

 …and a whole LOT more!

Save Your Place NOW

Here’s what others have to say about finding success as a Cheetah Certified Project Manager:

“Maintaining a team of certified Project Managers is a critical success factor in our competitive strategy. We hire some of the smartest and most talented people in our industry and we need to make sure any external training we use hits the mark consistently, and this is why we keep sending our folks to Cheetah Learning to get and keep their Project Management skills top notch. With Cheetah, the best of the best get even better.” – Ray C. Pitt

“This course is valuable for anyone who needs a refresh with their career.”  Lynn Garrett

“If you had charged me $10,000 for this, I would have been happy to pay it. This was the best course I ever took. PERIOD.” – J.C. Jade Kat Project Management Inc.

How the Cheetah’s Approach to Projects  Will Help Your Career

This is YOUR chance to learn our time-tested, proven accelerated project management process that will help you finish your projects 5x faster.

The support you’ll receive from our team of expert project management coaches will boost your confidence and make you feel secure in your strengths and understanding of the how to do projects the best way for you.

And then there’s the lifetime accelerated learning benefits.  Throughout the 60 hour, twelve week program, you’ll be fully immersed in our techniques, which have been tried, tested, and proven to be successful for over 20 years.

ALL This Will Help You:

  • Gain confidence in your ability to move your career (and personal life) forward leveraging your unique strengths to do projects the right way for you.
  • Stop the confusing information overload that’s preventing you from understanding what you really need to do to finish your projects 5x faster.
  • Gain clarity and focus knowing that you have a time-tested process that will not only help you with your projects but give you more skills to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Stop worrying about your financial future and secure your place in the industry without stress or anxiety
  • Gain more quality time to spend with your family and friends without stressing out about your future as a project manager

Cheetah’s RISK-FREE 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Cheetah Certified Project Manager program uses time-tested, proven accelerated learning methods to help you leverage your strengths to create better results faster, with far less effort.  And I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the class and its results.

It might feel like a risk to invest in this program, especially with the number of project management courses out there.  However, we believe in our process so much that we’re willing to assume ALL the risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, after completing our course within 12 weeks and applying our techniques for at least three months, you don’t feel like you have improved the way you do projects, we will refund your complete course fee.

Why? Because we’re confident in our process.  That’s why we’re the gold standard in Project Management education.

The class is online, 60 hours and divided into five modules.  You have 12 weeks to do all the course activities.  Many people finish the program in as quick as ten days.

The course has five modules where you follow our accelerated learning levels of learning process to master the project management skills required for you to finish projects 5x faster.

60 Hours to a Significant Competitive Advantage


    Discover your innate strengths, activate your abilities to learn fast, unlock your amazing learning potential and create situations where you can fully develop your capabilities based on your unique strengths and interests.


    Using modern neuroscience and accelerated learning methods, learn how to get and keep a Peak Performing Mind. Create the brain states that enable you to stay focused to pursue your important life goals and dreams at Cheetah speed.


    Learn how to get things done fast. Use your innate strengths to first pick the right projects for you and then bring them to a successful completion at Cheetah speed. Effectively leverage others strengths in a Project Team environment and improve your ability to communicate. Learn how to create long-term sustainable success for your unique capabilities and interests.


    Discover your innate strengths for negotiations and how to set up negotiations that play to your strengths while leveraging the strengths those involved. Create opportunities with others that build off your strengths and come to an agreement at Cheetah speed.


    Find opportunities that leverage and develop your strengths. Learn how to get noticed and share your knowledge to help others succeed

We’ve been blessed to have helped close to 100,000 engineers and project managers become Certified Project Managers and see them make significant advancements in their careers, and with their businesses.

I created Cheetah Learning 20 years ago with the vision that my peers could quickly achieve their dreams and goals if they leveraged their unique genius to learn, do projects, and negotiate in the ways that best utilize theirs and others strengths.

It brings me joy to see individuals transform their careers and personal lives in powerful ways, and here at Cheetah Learning, I have a front-row seat.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are – learn how to best leverage your unique strengths to create the future you want.

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