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A Project Management Institute (PMI®) Certified Project Manager holds the globally-recognized credential of either the Project Management Professional (PMP®) or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®).The PMP® credential is for more experienced PMs who have 5-7 years of professional project management experience, while the CAPM® credential is for beginner PMs.Both credentials represent a certain level of proficiency in the language of PM, as well as a dedication to the profession. More and more companies are looking for these credentials in their prospective hires to signify that a person will be able to communicate effectively within the organization. Can you speak the project management language?

1. Why do you need a PMI certification?
Project Managers who have a PMP® credential tend to earn $20,000 more annually than their non-PMP counterparts.

For people who hold the PMP credential, companies are assured that the person who is doing the role of “project manager” has passed a rigorous industry standard test regarding the basic knowledge necessary for the job of project management. Also, only people with the necessary credentials are eligible to take the exam, which ensures that if you hire someone with a PMP credential, they are already pre-screened for the experience necessary to be a project manager.Considering that 75% of all projects fail due to poor project management, PMPs are considered critical organizational assets by the companies who employ them (Gartner Group, 2012). Recently, the federal government mandated that any projects receiving government funding need to have PMI certified project managers, and most businesses in every industry with any level of success today require their project managers to have their PMP. The high demand for PMPs equates to a higher compensation.How much more do PMPs earn the non-PMPs?Based on the PMI Salary Survey 2013, the median salary for someone in the project management field in the US is $108,000. Project Managers who have a PMP® credential tend to earn $20,000 more annually than their non-PMP counterparts.


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2. Who hires certified Project Managers?
A vast majority of Fortune 500 companies recognize the value of PMP certification and have sent their PMs to Cheetah classes to become PMP certified.SEE OUR IMPRESSIVE CLIENT LIST »

The Anderson Economic Group projected that an average of 1.2 million project management positions will need to be filled each year through 2016 (PMI, 2011). Project Managers are in high demand in nearly every industry. Our Cheetah PMP students work for a wide range of companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations, large and small. Our client list includes over 650 companies from 15 industries: academia, consulting, government, health care, insurance, investment/securities/banking, manufacturing, non-profit, pharmaceutical/biotech, real estate, retail, service, software, telecommunications, and utilities/energy.

3. How do you become a certified project manager?

How to Become a PMP– The Project Management Institute is the globally recognized professional association that grants the Project Management Professional (PMP®) and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) credentials. Both these credentials are recognized by the Federal Government as being “certified project managers.” Individuals have to meet specific experience requirements and pass very difficult certification exams to earn these distinguished certifications. The PMP is for people with more experience in project management. The CAPM is for people who, while they may have done informal project management for years, may never have officially held the title of “project manager.” People who earn the CAPM can take the PMP exam after five years of practicing project management. Find the right CAPM exam prep course for you online today.

4. Why is Cheetah Learning the preferred way to go for passing the PMP and CAPM exams?

Without Cheetah Learning, most people spend over six months preparing for the PMP and CAPM certification exams and 40% of them fail.With Cheetah Learning, people spend four days in their intensive accelerated learning program and take the PMP exam on the 5th day. 97% of Cheetah students are successful with passing the exam. Cheetah Learning guarantees their students pass when they follow their program.Cheetah Exam Prep works. Our students take the actual PMP exam on the fifth day after four days in our program. They do not have to do any additional studying – either before or after our course. No other program offers this approach even though they may claim that they are “like” Cheetah and offer comparisons. Read the fine print – some require that you spend 35 hours studying before you come to class, some recommend you spend 40 hours after class.Many Cheetah Learning alumni are now leaders in their respective industries, as they also learn in the four day program how to learn and adapt quickly to very fast changing situations (just like a “cheetah”). It is learning that sticks with them for life and is transferrable to a wide variety of situations. It is an intensive week-long experience that enables people to positively transform themselves into peak performers for long-term, sustainable success.

5. Want to Learn More?

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Cheetah’s Know How Network is a monthly column written by Michelle LaBrosse, the founder and Chief Cheetah of Cheetah Learning.  Distributed to hundreds of newsletters and media outlets around the world, the Know How Network brings the promise, purpose, and passion of Project Management to people everywhere. To read stories and advice from experts visit Cheetah Learning’s Program Management Blogs.


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We are confident that when you study the other companies who offer PMP boot camp experiences for PMP test prep, you’ll find that Cheetah’s 4 day accelerated approach, which actually brings you across the finish line to pass the PMP exam as an embedded part of the program, is the one that gives you the best long-term results to become a PMP.   To help you review the others who offer a PMP BootCamp experience, evaluate these other programs for PMP exam prep on your journey to Project Management Professional Certification. (NOTE: We do not know whether these companies are still in business or not)

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There are also a wide array of other approaches to do PMP Exam Prep  – these include PMP Practice Test Questions,  and include the basics of Project Management.  We cannot vouch for any of these approaches – we are just providing these other ways to prep for the PMP exam so you can make a comprehensive evaluation of Cheetah Learning and realize you are choosing the best PMP Exam Prep approach.

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