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“The most valuable part of the course for me, aside from learning an elegantly simple variation on PMBOK that is applicable to any project, was how the course insisted that I use myself as the sample project. I learned how to rank the array of often conflicting goals that we all have in our busy and complex lives, and determine what was most important to me to change, as well as the likelihood that I’d be able to make that change. Ultimately, I felt that the course was as much about how to understand and work with human nature as it is about project methodology, and the methods worked. Take this course seriously – it’s worth so much. Thanks, Cheetah.” 

Robert M., CCPM, PMP

"The most valuable part of the course [Cheetah Certified Project Manager] was realizing that most of the issues I've been dealing with in my life are due to poor planning and follow through. With this class, I have made my goals my priority, and ensure follow through by visiting and re-assessing regularly. What a difference it has made! Results are coming at Cheetah speed!”

Pete S., CCPM, PMP

About the Founder

Meet the mastermind behind Cheetah Certified Project Manager course.

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, CCPM, PMI-ACP, RYT

Michelle is the Founder and Chief Cheetah at Cheetah Learning. She pioneerd the accelerated PMP Exam Prep course that set the foundation for a growing industry to flourish. It is scientifically proven that Cheetah's PMP Exam Prep course will increase your self-efficacy. 

If you’re considering taking a PMP Exam Prep course for the next leap in your career, take a step back from pass rates, study guides, and vocabulary flash cards. Ask yourself: What is it that I really want out of my career? What do I love about Project Management? How can I make sure this experience of becoming a PMP is a significant part of my career?

Identifying your passions will light the spark that inspires you to earn a credential that is meaningful for you. Rather than feeling external pressure to earn your PMP (from your supervisors, co-workers, or anyone else) you will develop intrinsic motivation to pursue a learning experience that aligns with the goals that you define for yourself.