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  • Cheetah Leadership Learning Byte – The Power of Passion

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Watch this short video to see what you can do when you combine passion, focus and your genius.  It’s kind of fascinating how many dismiss their innate strengths (stats show only 25% of us are working in our areas of strengths).  But it’s your natural talents that can help you achieve amazing things in life.

    In Cheetah’s engaging accelerated learning programs, students start with learning their Meyers Briggs personality type indicator (MBTI) to more clearly see their unique capabilities.  But we go much further than that. Students master how to align their innate strengths with their passions to achieve phenomenal results much faster, with far less effort.  They do this by learning how they best learn, do projects and negotiate based on their personality types.

    There is a great debate in the psychology profession about personality typing not being an exact science.  We actually agree with this.  However, we like the Keirsey Temperament sorter variation of the MBTI because it gets our students “close enough,” especially in a learning context.  We see your personality type like playing golf  – it can help you identify your natural strengths within 12 inches of a hole in one.  For those of you who play golf, you know that once you are 12 inches from the hole, it’s pretty much a gimmie you’ll sink it.  This is the same with using your personality type to zero in on the best way to leverage your gifts.

    When you combine your natural genius with those areas where you have deep passion, and the ability to focus and finish, you become an unstoppable force of nature. This is what our students master in the Cheetah Leadership Program.

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