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  • Cheetah Learning Students,as an Aggregate, have Made over 9 Billion Dollars in Increased Earnings

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Cheetah Learning Students have collectively increased their earnings by over 9 billion dollars the past 17 years.

    Last week, the Project Management Institute (PMI) released it’s tenth salary survey of Project Managers worldwide.  The salary gap between project managers who hold PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) credential and those that don’t is increasing.  When we started helping project managers become PMP certified in only four days back in 2001, certified project management professionals could expect a 10% increase in their salary once they earned the PMP.  Now, in 2017, that has increased to 25%.

    I was curious – how much more money as an aggregate, have all Cheetah Learning Alumni earned since we came on the scene in 2000 offering best in class Project Management education?  Like many do, sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing has really made an impact towards improving people’s lives.  So this was a helpful exercise.  If you consider increased earnings alone as a measure in how well Cheetah Learning has improved people’s lives, yes we have made a difference.  Based on PMI’s salary surveys over the seventeen year’s where we have been offering Accelerated Project Management Education, cumulatively, Cheetah Learning students have earned over 9 billion dollars in increased revenue.

    Learn more about how Cheetah Learning can help you continue to improve your earnings – visit www.cheetahlearning.com.

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