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  • Core Values and Self-Replicating Fractals

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Just like this romensco cauliflower, you can consciously create your life.

    Over two decades ago I got introduced to this idea in George Land’s Book “Breakpoint and Beyond” about autopoietic systems.  These are self-replicating systems based on several core values.  The idea is that when you set up several key core values for yourself or the organizations you are creating, the system develops and self organizes around those core values.  Just like how a fractal creates an amazing replicating display – think the Romanesco cauliflower here.

    I set up Cheetah Learning this way with three core values – Robust Design, Best Friend Customer Service, and Be a Cheetah.  The Robust Design value is how we develop our curriculum – the design of our courses work for the vast majority of people who complete our programs.  Best Friend Customer Service relates to how we engage with our students and each other – with the same level of care, consideration, and compassion we extend to our best friends.  And the last “Be a Cheetah” – means we strive to complete our goals, tasks and projects Cheetah Fast.

    Several years ago when transitioning to life with no more children to care for or aging parents to tend to, I recognized it was now my time to focus on the life I wanted to live just for me.   I found myself getting mired in the angst of the moment as being shared on social media and did not like the rat holes it was bringing me into.  I remembered the lessons I had learned implementing the ideas in George Land’s book and decided to use them on how I engaged externally with the world and how I felt about the external world internally.

    I created three core values for each realm – the outward how I experienced the world around me.  and how I would focus my attention on internal thoughts and feelings.  This has helped me significantly navigate many turbulent times – and is now my go to when I want to shift how I am being in the moment.  Here is the mind map that emerged from this effort.


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