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  • Creating Supportive Support Networks

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    It takes consistent effort to develop a supportive support network and it can deliver huge dividends on developing your natural talents.

    In last week’s Facebook live webinar, I talked about how to activate your innate genius and bring out the best of everyone.  As part of these two, I talked about the importance of creating supportive support networks for achieving both goals.  But how do you go about creating more supportive support networks?  We live in an increasingly isolated society and at the same time research on aging tells us the key to maintaining health throughout your life, is to have consistent, fulfilling social engagement – which is increasingly harder for many to achieve.  The proliferation of social media, the internet and smartphones are in part creating increasing feelings of social isolation. (Research shows the more time someone spends on social media and their smartphone, the more likely they risk suffering depression which leads to increased feelings of isolation).  Yet the irony is these same tools can help you create better support networks.

    The mind map in this post shows a variety of ways to meet people who could become part of your enhanced support network.  When you make the effort to reach out to others in ways that can help them, they are more likely to be there for you as well.  But it takes consistency and a consciousness around what a supportive relationship would look like for you.  When looking for people with which to put in the effort to create supportive relationships, make sure you are choosing the people who are qualified, interested and capable of being positive, supportive and open to receiving your support as well.   In some circles, people call this “finding your tribe.”  But it’s not like your “tribe” will be just one group of people  – these days it’s more likely going to include people from a wide range of your interests and needs as you traverse the trials and tribulations of life. So take the chance, keep putting yourself “out there” and find the people who celebrate the wonder that is you and you them.  These relationships are your ticket to creating a better world for everyone.

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