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If any members of your project team works anywhere other then next to you in the same office, you are a member of a virtual team. While virtual work allows you to literally work with anyone, anywhere, it also relies more on relationships and alliances forged by an electronic handshake. Often times you will not ever even meet the people with whom you are working. Improving how you relate across generations, and cultures can improve Individual team member relationships, communication and workplace community. Developing strong skills for working together as a virtual team is critical for successful project outcomes.  In this course, you will learn and apply tools and techniques to develop high-functioning, effective virtual teams where team members of different generations and cultures find a sense of connection to the work and the team.

Virtual Project Management Training Program Details

Credit – 20 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits

Tuition – $1,200.00 USD

Start Date – The course is available online and you can start the course as soon as we receive full payment.

Duration – 20 hours – You can complete this course in less than a week (20 hours). However, we recognize that you may be juggling a career and family as well so we give you up to four weeks from the date you register to complete all the course activities. If you need an extension to finish this course, you can purchase an additional week for 1/4 the list price of the course.

Course Location – Online

Access – Instructions provided when you register. Course Material – All material you will need to do the activities are provided online.

What You’ll Learn

This Virtual Project Management Training course consists of four modules where you will learn and apply tools and techniques to develop high-functioning, effective virtual teams where team members find a sense of connection to work and the team.

  • Uncover your personality type, preferred communication styles and most effective learning styles, as well as others on your team, by completing a Personality Type Indicator assessment.
  • Create a virtual project team member checklist with the competencies and qualities for virtual team membership within your company.
  • Set a plan for ongoing virtual team skill development.
  • Define the teams purpose, objectives and goals.
  • Establish rules for how you’ll work together as a team and meeting protocols.
  • Identify which communication tools you will use and when.
  • Create your virtual project team’s communication plan.
  • Develop commitment, accountability and responsibility among team members.

Check the FUEL level of your project team using a checklist to ensure you have the right mix of Friendliness, Understanding, Energy and Learning to keep the project teams fires burning across oceans. Create a team charter.

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