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  • Four Ways Being a PMP is Helping me Better Manage the Holidays This Year

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    People travel with their guitars all the time. The case for the bass clarinet is smaller…..

    I’m busy today getting ready for the next six weeks of travel.  I’m heading to Alaska for several weeks to work on a project, then to visit my daughter in Portland for Christmas, up to Seattle to work on 2018 strategies with the Cheetah board between Christmas and New Years, and down to Phoenix to work on another project right after New Years.

    You can well imagine what packing for this type of trip entails.  I am grateful for my project planning skills. Here are the four areas having a well-trained project brain is helping me with the holidays:

    1. Besides making sure I have the right protective frigid weather accessories, adequate rain gear, and warm weather attire, I also need to be prepared to host several events as the chef.  This requires me to bring my traveling chef’s kit as well.  I like to make sure I have the chef tools I need rather than leaving it to fate whomever’s kitchen I am in will have exactly the type of knife, etc I will need. In chef school, I learned about “mis en place.”  This means making sure you have everything you need before you begin.  For this trip, I have had to analyze all the requirements for each location.
    2. I have also just started back up playing the bass clarinet – after 37 years.  I could keep it here – but that means for the next six weeks I don’t get to practice. Bringing it commits me to continue to practice as I’m not going to lug that thing all over the Western US and not use it.  I have downloaded Christmas music specifically for the bass clarinet so at least my practicing will fill the atmosphere with festive tunes.  Being conscientious of how this will impact the folks around me in my travels is a prime consideration.  This is stakeholder management that can make the holidays fun or the year “Mom was into the bass clarinet.”  
    3. I am acquiring and/or creating presents and holiday treats on location.  I am the type that gets my inspiration for holiday gifts a week or two before the holiday.  I just have never quite acclimated to the whole Christmas before Halloween scene. It will be interesting to see how I am inspired this year.  A friend mailed me a snowman when I was in Hawaii several years ago.  Very funny gift – still makes me smile.  What are the long-term impacts of my actions on the gift front?  
    4. And back on the home front – what about the pets?  My normal house sitter who takes care of things while I’m gone has her own holiday travels.  So we have found holiday homes for the dogs.  And the caretaker for the Alaska compound is taking off for the holidays too so we are getting a neighbor to keep the driveway plowed.  When you take on another project – what happens to all the other activities still in play? 

    How does being a Project Manager help you during the holidays?

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