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  • Get More Out of Life – Free Self-Discovery Assessment

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, CAL, CPD, PMP, RYT

    What keeps you from getting more out of life?  Take this free self-discovery assessment and see how you define “going for it” and how to overcome your limitations.

    Have you thought much about what limits you from really going for it with your life?

    Or what “going for it” even means anymore for you?

    Do you sometimes wonder “is this all there is?”

    Last week I created an intake form to make the most of people’s scheduled one on one meeting with me.  They loved the process and suggested I further automate it and make it generally available.

    Here is what came of that. It’s a self-discovery process I created to help better understand what drives desires and dreams and how to mitigate roadblocks to achieving upgrade goals.  

    Check it out – you’ll get a cool report back summarizing your discovery process.  (It’s FREE).

    Move Beyond Your Limitations  – Free Self-Discovery Assessment

    For me, making the most of my life is all about creating new experiences.  Right now, I’m in Alaska building a yoga studio.  We just had summer solstice and the days are very long up here.  It gets dark around 11:30 PM and light again around 3 AM.  

    We have extensive daylight to create many uniquely Alaskan experiences – last week it was a cinnamon bear hanging around our building site. (this is a nice name for what elsewhere would be called a grizzly bear).

    I enjoy periodically doing these types of self-assessments. I’ve done this process now five times making sure every part of the form works and is easy to use.  

    It’s been eye-opening how much I have been holding myself back in life – from adopting healthier lifestyle habits to being more deliberate with my business goals.  And I thought I was on top of things….. 

    Time and time again, though I am reminded life is a series of projects.  The more projects I push myself to do, the more experiences I have. The quality of our life is directly related to the quality of our experiences. I find when I dig deep like this assessment drives you to do, I create more experiences that are uplifting, that I learn from, and that I grow from.

    When you say “new experience” to most people though, they think of travel to some far off land.  

    How often can you do that and take care of all your other responsibilities in life?

    You can create some incredible new experiences though just by the projects you choose to do and the way in which you do them. 

    If you’d like to discuss your answers to your self-discovery assessment, schedule a fifteen-minute free session with me.  I’d love to hear what is on your mind.  

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