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    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    The quality of achieving excellence permeates every part of a person's life. When choosing an education provider, find out how well their course developers did in school.

    The quality of achieving excellence permeates every part of a person’s life. When choosing an education provider, find out how well their course developers did in school.

    While I’m a big believer in turning your ship around, second chances, and infinite redemption, I’ve found time and time again, most people show up consistently as who they truly are. The people who were A students, are generally A employees, and so on.  Another attribute, is  the best are usually fairly humble about it – often self deprecating to put others at ease. Yet they have a track record of achieving exceptional results and leave a trail of very satisfied customers and clients. Whereas the charlatans, those that attempted to get by on their “good looks and personality, without doing the work, may be able to  spin a good yarn, but more often than not deliver little more than disappointment.

    When discerning a quality education provider, from one that has great marketing material, but little else, look at their track record.  What are the qualifications of their course developers, their instructors?  It literally pays to hire the right people and can cost you dearly when you hire the wrong people – especially with something as important as your education and the development of your capabilities. Think brain surgery here – would you prefer to have the neurosurgeon who aced school and their boards or the one who barely squeaked by but can share great stories in the office?

    To find the best, ask about the qualifications of the people who developed the curriculum – ask how well they did in school. Ask about their credentials and their commitment to their own continued learning.  Do they have one year of experience repeated thirty times, or do they have increasing levels of curriculum development experience and a strong track record of success?

    The reason Cheetah Learning is the continuing gold standard in Project Management education is because the Chief Cheetah, who leads the course development team, was top of the class in a challenging major at a competitive university. Cheetah’s continue to take continuing education, and keep their saw sharp by learning new ways of teaching and connecting with their students. And not because anyone makes them do so. They pursue learning and excellence for its own reward. Every trainer who teaches for Cheetah Learning passes a rigorous certification process to make sure they deliver the programs in the way that Cheetah students can achieve fantastic results at Cheetah speed.

    It’s a commitment to excellence at every level of the business that insures when you register to take a Cheetah Learning course, you will achieve amazing results, at Cheetah speed.  It’s why we confidently offer a 100% learning guarantee on every single one of our courses – it’s pretty simple really.  If after completing the course, you did not achieve what you set out to achieve, we refund your money.  This is what quality means to us – that you achieve quality results.

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