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  • High Performing Business – Planning – Mojo

    How do you use your mojo to bring everyone up around you? In Cheetah's 60 hour online "Personality Based Project Management" you learn how to do just that.

    How do you use your mojo to bring everyone up around you? In Cheetah’s 60 hour online “Personality Based Project Management” you learn how to do just that.

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    I first heard the term “mojo” about ten years ago.  I was doing a live radio show and the interviewer asked me about the “mojo of accelerated learning.”   I managed to contrive a suitable answer, as I had never heard the term “mojo” before.  When the interview was done, I called the woman on my team who had arranged it  and asked her if she had ever heard the term.  She said – “well yes, I was the one who suggested to the interviewer she ask you about your mojo with accelerated learning.”  We both had a good laugh as I love improv and having to think fast on my feet.  Just the question of “mojo” when I had no idea what “mojo” meant, boosted my “mojo” in the moment.

    The term “mojo” used to mean a spell, or some type of charm.  It’s morphed into meaning  your personal charm, talent, and charisma – where you are feeling energized and at the top of your game in a way that is obvious to even the most casual observer.

    I got to thinking how sparked I am in the early stages of planning  a project.  My mojo is in it’s prime there as well.  I’m energized, excited, and full of what is possible with our new initiative.  It’s an exciting place to live for an idea machine like me and my enthusiasm is infectious.  What works even better when the sparks are flying, is that I have a team that is like the engine to bring us up the mountain I’m creating to climb.  While mojo is exhilarating and maybe even required to get things moving in the right direction with a project in the start-up phase, it isn’t what necessarily helps you go the distance with completing the project. Knowing how and when to use various team members’ mojo and the type of mojo to use during the various phases of a project is a key skill for a project manager.

    We all have our own unique forms of mojo – that special something that makes us shine.  Some people like to also refer to this as “personality.”   A few years back an acquaintance told me I had a “big personality.”    The reality is we all have “bigness” in our own special ways.  In Cheetah’s 60 hour online course – “Personality Based Project Management,”  students learn how to best use the strengths of theirs and other’s personalities to more effectively pick the right projects and more efficiently complete those projects.  It isn’t that one person’s personality is any better than another’s – it’s how you use who you innately are to pursue what it is that is most important to you that makes your mojo flow.  Take Cheetah’s Personality Assessment to see how you can use your mojo to do better project management.

    Take Cheetah’s Personality Assessment to see how you can use your personality to do better project management.

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