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  • How to Predict Your Success on the PMP Exam

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    There are many factors that go into predicting who will be successful with the PMP exam.

    Cheetah Learning rolled out the first accelerated PMP Exam Prep program the week of 9/11 – just outside of Boston. We could have never predicted that would have happened the Monday we started class.

    But what we have learned how to predict over the past 16 years of helping people become PMP certified, Cheetah Fast – is who will pass the actual PMP exam on the last day of class.

    Since we guarantee people will pass the PMP exam, we needed a way to find out quick, who was most likely not going to achieve that goal without some special intervention. Sometimes teachers prefer to tend to the best students (think teacher’s pet). But in Cheetah Learning, our goal is to get everyone across the finish line and leave no one behind. So we need to know who needs extra help, and make sure they can pass the PMP exam, too.

    We developed a course metrics sheet where we measure 17 different levels of participation with the program. The PMP exam used to be graded numerically – our predictive algorithm was so accurate we could predict someone’s score to within 5 points of their actual PMP exam score.

    Every Cheetah PMP Coach in every class takes detailed measurements on every student in every part of their performance. This is one of the critical success factors that helps you pass the PMP exam after only four days in the class.

    Experience Cheetah’s Accelerated PMP Exam Prep – what many say is the best course they have ever taken.

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