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It’s interesting to learn how much your personality type sets the stage for how you experience life.  There has been tremendous work down over the past four decades based on Carl Jung’s work on the 16 different personality types based on how you energetically connect with the world Introversion or Extroversion, the information you notice with Sensing or Intuition, how you process information with Thinking or Feeling , and how you act on the information you process – Judging or Perceiving.  This body of knowledge is known best as the Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI).  It’s also known as the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Jung Typology Test.

We have been working with the personality types in accelerating people’s learning for over two decades.  We customize our curriculum to the learning style preferences based on people’s personality types.  In our longer programs, Cheetah students learn how to learn faster based on their personality types, learn how to do their projects better aligned with the natural strengths of their personality, and learn how to negotiate in ways that leverage every person’s unique strengths based on their personality types.

We now have a 60 hour online Cheetah Leadership Program that helps people become more effective leaders based on their personality type.  In this 2 hour course though, you get a flavor of how each of the 16 personality types impacts people’s leadership style.

Program Details

  • Credit – 2 Cheetah Spots/Education Hours
  • Tuition – $79 USD
  • Start Date – The project management training course is available online and you can start the course as soon as we receive full payment.
  • Duration – 2 hours – You can complete this ANSI project management course in less than one day (2 hours). However, we recognize that you may be juggling a career and family so we give you up to ten days from the date you register to complete all the course activities.
  • Course Location – Online
  • Access – Instructions provided when you register.
  • Course Material – All instructions you will need to do the activities are provided online.