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  • Never Make the Project About the Technology

    Written by

    Never Make the Project About the Technology

    Is that cutting edge Cybersecurity technology making your CSO drool and ready to pay boo coos of internal dollars on a bleeding edge tech project to showcase at the next user conference or Black Hat digital security convention?


    Is that latest platform recently available to showcase your web apps on recently available and ready for you to use?

    Making a project come to life because of the technology that an executive wants to try or wants to say that his division is using is a bad reason to have a project. And I feel it goes against some sort of unwritten code of ethics for project managers but I will get to that in another article, most likely (these ideas have to come from somewhere).

    Here’s my take… never ever ever ever make the project about the technology. It can be awesome. And it can be disastrous. You can end up being in the latest tech magazine and your stock may soar. Or you may end up on the heaping pile of Ryan Leaf NFL busts in terms of tech failures. You may find that bust lands you with a headline on CNN about a tech startup losing a billion dollars on a failed project to implement a new security solution that ended up in security breeches, identity theft and lawsuits because your tech team wasn’t quite ready to handle such a project. But then again, they say “there is no such thing as bad publicity” – there is always tomorrow to fix it or capitalize on it. Unless of course this bad decision put you out of business. Then there is no tomorrow.

    So what do you do when it appears that the customer or your senior management wants to jump in head first because of the technology? For me, it comes down to these three things…


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