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  • Predicting a Passing Score on the PMP Exam

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    In every Cheetah Accelerated PMP class, our students ask “Do You Think I will Pass the PMP Exam?”   Since our main focus is passing the PMP exam right after spending four days in our classroom (virtual or in person), we have created a series of measurements that help us fine tune the curriculum and work with each student’s unique learning style to move as many of our students as possible into the passing zone.

    We have found through trial and error the formula below helps us see how our students will do on the actual PMP exam.  We are now 90% accurate with our prediction and can confidently answer the question “Do You Think I will Pass the PMP Exam.”

    There are four results a student can receive for the PMP exam.  Two are passing –  Above Target or Target.  Two are not passing –  Below Target or  Needs Improvement.  To map these relatively vague terms to our student’s classroom performance,  we broke these four measurements into three more sections each – High, Medium, Low.

    We measure a variety of performance elements in the class – not just practice test scores.  There are numerous factors that influence a student’s capability with passing the PMP exam.  The letters on the left represent the actual PMP result the student may see once they complete their actual PMP exam.  The numbers in the middle and far right represent the numerical score related to how well the student did in our four day accelerated exam prep program.


    ATH 175 93.33%
    ATM 167 89.07%
    ATL 159 84.80%
    TH 151 80.53%
    TM 143 76.27%
    TL 135 72.00%
    BTH 127 67.73%
    BTM 119 63.47%
    BTL 111 59.20%
    NIH 103 54.93%
    NIM 95 50.67%
    NIL 87 46.40%
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