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  • Ray Strano, PMP – Cheetah PMP Coach – Been Associated with Cheetah Learning since 2001

    Ray Strano, PMP – Cheetah PMP Coach and Master Teacher

    Ray Strano is a Cheetah PMP Coach.  He’s been associated with Cheetah Learning since 2001 and has helped over 3000 people pass the PMP exam after only four days of prep – WOW.   I’m wondering if he has set any records with this?  I met Ray in 2001 in our second ever PMP exam prep course.  It was in the Meadowlands – New Jersey.  A month after 9/11 – right across the river from the destroyed twin towers.

    Ray was a student then and I was teaching the class. I can even remember where Ray was sitting – front row,  left side, first seat on the center isle.  At the time, Ray was working for Verizon.  He had called me a month earlier wanting to get into the four day class (it was pretty full).  He pleaded his case and said if I could make space for him,  and he passed, he’d make sure everyone in Verizon knew about it.  You see, his boss had recently attempted to pass the PMP exam, and had failed.  Ray wanted to make sure he passed the difficult PMP exam, the first time.  His career depended on it.  Ray followed our instructions to the letter and passed the PMP exam on Friday after his four day class.  And he passed by a good margin. Ray took an early retirement offer from Verizon a couple years later and joined the Cheetah team.

    So Ray knows first hand how important it is for folks to pass this exam, and how well this O to PMP  in five days approach works, when people follow the instructions.  Last spring Ray, with our course development team, designed the Virtual live version of Cheetah’s PMP Exam Prep course. I was lucky enough to get to spend a week with him while we rolled out the first course.  I think Ray had to go on a diet after hanging out with me (I’m a classically trained chef and love preparing the Cheetah staff’s favorite foods when we are together).

    Ray teaches Cheetah’s Virtual live PMP exam prep courses, and Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP classes in the NJ, PA, and DC area.   If you want to experience a true master in action – register for one of Ray’s Cheetah Exam Prep  classes.   You’ll not only pass the PMP exam after only four days of prep, you’ll get to experience one of the greatest project management teachers you’ll ever have.

    To get started on your PMP pursuit  – download the free Cheetah Smart Start Guide for the PMP.

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