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  • Share the Love – Busting Loose Day – Dec. 6, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    In 2010, I read a book called “Busting Loose from the Money Game.”  It was about how most of our impressions about money were illusions that kept us imprisioned in a tread mill to make money, pay bills and support a life style that we had in some ways unconsciously committed to.   If you think about it though – it isn’t just however we feel about money that can create an illusion that imprisions us in a way of life we may not find all that rewarding.

    Several years ago I was contemplating how my goals either created an expanded sense of freedom or were just ho-hum, more of the same old same old. We can and do have different feelings and abilities to pursue various goals. Paying attention to this can help create much better goals.  

    My father was my biggest cheerleader and also the one who was always inquiring about my latest goals. He was a very big fan of all the different ways I busted loose in life. He’d love what some of our students felt about our Goal Lab Online Class:

    “Setting 25 goals and then deciding which were the transcendent ones was helpful in the way to look at it.”

     “I thought it was a good class to have a better way of looking how to set goals for the year with thought vs just creating because you think you should.”

    “I learned how to align goals with my fundamental life needs for overall happiness.”

    We are updating the Goal Lab class for 2018 Goal Setting.  If this is something you’d be interested in taking, send us an email – info@cheetahlearning.com.

    Here is an image that summarizes this way of setting goals that can help you bust loose of whatever it is you feel is holding you back.



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