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  • Share the Love – Good Enough Day – Dec. 8, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    My parents had six children in eight years.  I was the fourth child.  They were both public school teachers so the family budget covered what we needed with a little left over for camping trips, and a few extras, but not much else.  I was the first girl after three boys so I got used to wearing boys hand me downs – they were “good enough.”  I got a special dress here and there and I do remember these very cute little girl red shoes I loved so much.

    When you grow up like this, you learn to value relationships over things.  And this is what our students learn in our Cheetah Negotiations class.  They learn how to develop better relationships with others to create more value for everyone.  They learn how to accept “good enough” where it makes sense in order to grow and strengthen their bonds with the important people in their lives.

    Here is what some of our Cheetah students have had to say about what they learned in the Cheetah Negotiations Course:

    “I’ve taken a couple of Negotiations classes before, but this one was completely different. The assignments were totally applicable to real-life situations – it wasn’t theory. I must say that I enjoyed and learned a lot from every module in this class.” – J. F.

    “Learning how to speed read personality types and how that relates to peoples strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. Very valuable knowledge/skill. -Amanda C.

    “It was such a great class – especially that I am in the middle of tough negotiations for (my current project).  The good news is that we will probably get what we need to make the project a success!  I am going to talk about highlights of the class with my team at my next staff meeting.  There were was so much practical and ready to use advice in the program.” – A. S.

    “I took the “Cheetah Negotiations” class during a very turbulent time in a business partnership. I was working with someone very difficult, but we HAD to work together or the partnership would have to dissolve. By using the techniques I learned, I was able to successfully negotiate so that we both got what we needed monetarily and validation-wise from the partnership.” – Amy E

    In celebration of “Good Enough Day,”   we’re offering the Cheetah Negotiations class for half price.  Use the promotion code – goodenough at registration.

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