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  • Share the Love – Handy Andy – December 14, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    I’m hoping that my father can now shift to being a special force that helps me find any tools I lose to make up for all the ones he took “back” thinking they were his.

    My father made continual upgrades to our family home where he and my mother lived for 52 years.  Over that time period, he probably did well over a thousand home improvement projects.  My love for hardware stores comes from all the times I joined him while picking up his needed supplies.

    As an adult, for about a decade, I lived three miles from my parents. During that time, I had my own fervor of home improvement activities going on.  Handy Andy would routinely stop by to evaluate the progress of my projects and inquire about why I had “borrowed” this or that tool.  Yet they were my tools that I had acquired myself from the hardware store – NOT his workshop.  I realized one day when visiting his shop just where my plumbing snakes were going.  Every several months I’d want to snake out my drains and my plumbing snake would be missing.  So I would go purchase another one.  My father, on visits to my house when I was not there, thinking the plumbing snake was his, would take it back home. That day in his shop, I wondered aloud – “hmmm do you really need six plumbing snakes?”

    Losing resources needed to complete projects, even from the occasional unintentional kleptomania of outsiders, can be a significant cause of project delays.  What do you do to make sure you get and keep all the resources you need to complete your projects?

    It was my father’s love of home improvement projects that led us to create Cheetah’s class – Project Home Improvement.  In this 60 hour online program, you can learn how to set up and do your own home improvement project using modern project management techniques.  To share my father’s love of home improvement, use the promotion code “handyandy” at registration to get this course for half price.

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