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  • Share the Love – Saturday Breakfast – December 16, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Okay we did blow up the stove once, but it was when my father was away on vacation and left us home alone. He was good at keeping all the appliances in good working order even if he wasn’t so great with using them.

    My father and I had a 45 year feud over his cooking capabilities.  At ten years old I was so disgusted with his cooking skills,  my younger brother and I took over making family dinner.  What I did though love about my father was that he wanted to be a full participant in taking care of our home and we kids with my mother.  He was the first true feminist I ever knew.  My mother went to work when I was in kindergarten as a reading consultant in our school district.  To help out, my father made dinner every other night.   This was a big deal back in 1967.

    As we grew up and would join my parents on vacations and visit them at their homes, my father loved to make breakfast for everyone on Saturday morning.  His cooking skills never improved much, but he could deliver on an edible ham and eggs with toast.  It was when he tried to expand his repertoire where there were problems.   One of those Saturday mornings he noticed there was a leftover loaf of Italian bread from a lasagna dinner the night before.  He thought this would be great for french toast.  What he failed to realize – it was garlic bread.  While you could pull this off with a savory and tasty french toast, he made a traditional french toast with cinnamon, sugar, and syrup.  It was a shocking taste bud experience.

    In the Project Happiness course, we teach some basic cooking skills that can not only help you age better, but help those around you enjoy the foods you are preparing more.  Inspired by my Father’s culinary disasters, use the promotion code garlicfrenchtoast at registration to get this 30 hour course for $300.

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