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  • Share the Love – Sunday Hikes – December 17, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT’

    Sunday hikes were the way my father taught me how to recharge for the week ahead.

    My father earned his Eagle Scout badge in his teens.  He transferred what he learned in the 1940’s with the scouts to me through the hiking adventures he took us on.  Most often these lessons came in preparing and doing our Sunday Afternoon hikes.  We did a few longer weekend trips climbing some of the mountains in New England, but we most frequently enjoyed shorter hikes on Sundays. I credit my natural instincts in Project Management to this early training preparing for our hikes.

    I’m reflecting on this as I prepare for a Sunday afternoon hike with my own daughter today.  She is an adult and is now the one inviting me on the hike.  I was reticent to go as it’s been raining fairly heavily here in SE Alaska.  But she assures me it’s in the woods under a heavy canopy and it’s not raining that hard in there.  I reviewed what is in my hiking knapsack, making sure I have the gear required in case things go off the rails on our hike.  Today this includes gear that never existed when I went hiking with my father.

    Doing risk management is also a part of getting ready for this Sunday hike.  I’ve read way way too many stories about people who went off for a simple Sunday hike without any real emergency gear and ended up lost for several days.  For me, a good hike requires none of the emergency supplies I bring along with me.

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