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These online sales and marketing courses can help professionals quickly accelerate sales, regardless of the size of your operation. Create a Sales and Marketing Accelerator System by applying our accelerated Project Management technique for your own sales and marketing plan.

Program Details

Credit – 20 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits
Tuition – $1,200 USD
Start Date – The sales and marketing courses are available online and you can start the course as soon as we receive full payment.
Duration – 20 hours – You can complete this course in less than a week (20 hours). However, we recognize that you may be juggling a career and family so we give you up to eight weeks from the date you register to complete all the course activities.
Course Location – Online
Access – Instructions provided when you register.
Course Material – All material except the Sales and Marketing Accelerator System Kit are provided online. The course includes instructions on how to develop your own Sales and Marketing Accelerator System kit. You will be asked to purchase:

  • 1 – two foot by four foot wall planning template divided into 12 rectangular sections
  • 10 – differently colored removable labels for recording sales and marketing activities on your wall planning template
  • 1 – roll of masking tape
  • 1 – black fine point permanent marker

What You’ll Learn

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying target markets
  • Developing a sales and marketing strategic plan
  • Determining and delegating sales and marketing tasks and schedule
  • Using accelerated project planning technique

Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • Learn how to quickly accelerate sales, regardless of the size of your operation.
  • Learn how to use simple, proven techniques to stay focused and on target with your sales and marketing plan.
  • Learn a consistent way to coordinate activities that work for selling your specific product and service.

The Instructors