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Here’s what one student had to say about the course: ‘Good course. It helped me consider the “human” side of projects. Since I tend to be a technical person, I realized through this course that I have to put more effort into the concepts this course taught. It was valuable to me to reach this understanding. Thanks!’


Can you imagine a scenario where you and your family look forward to spring cleaning? Sounds like a scene from out of “The Twilight Zone,” right? Well, this can be a reality with Cheetah Project Management of Spring Cleaning course. In this course, you will learn how to inspire yourself and others to become engaged and committed to helping you achieve your spring cleaning goals. You will do this by leveraging others’ interests and strengths in a way that has them inspired and even enthusiastic to help you in your spring cleaning project. While this may sound like a difficult task, it becomes easy when you dive into the realities of what makes us NOT want to do spring cleaning. Most of the time our procrastination is a result of fear of failure, inadequate communication, and irrational behavior. When we become aware of what hinders our progress,  we are better able to make decisions to create habits that better serve us. When this course is done, you will have accomplished your spring cleaning goals and intrinsically inspired all your stakeholders to work with you again. Now that is the way to start out summer!

Program Details

Credit – 40 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits

Tuition – $2400 USD

Start Date – The course is available online and you can start the course as soon as we receive full payment.

Duration – 40 hours – You can complete this course in less than two weeks (40 hours). However, we recognize that you may be juggling a career and family so we give you up to ten weeks from the date you register to complete all the course activities.

Course Location – Online

Access – Instructions provided once payment is received and processed.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn the key components of the PMBOK® Guide Project Phases (initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing) as well as Cheetah Project Management Techniques through the hands-on activity of completing your spring cleaning project. Topics covered include:

  • The magic of the “5 S’s”
  • Inspiring engaged commitment
  • Creating new habits
  • Project Manager Growth

Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • Prioritize your projects for meaningful and impactful execution.
  • Assess your own and others’ strengths to find the best spring cleaning tasks for them.
  • Create and use a Project Management Project Plan to keep your project team on task.
  • Discover areas that block project success and learn how to remove those barriers so that you can progress in your project.

The Instructors