• “The first thing my boss said when I told him I was interested in getting my PMP certification was that if I was going to do it, he’d heard Cheetah Learning was the best.”

    • Mark Johnson


  • “Maintaining a team of certified Project Managers is a critical success factor in our competitive strategy. We hire some of the smartest and most talented people in our industry and we need to make sure any external training we use hits the mark consistently. And this is why we keep sending our folks to Cheetah Learning to get and keep their Project Management skills top notch. With Cheetah, the best of the best get even better.”

    • Ray C. Pitt


  • “A lot of people were joking that I did not need the class, but believe me I did. The PMP Exam is very unique and I personally do not believe that anyone will pass the exam without specific preparation… I always believe that any academic work will assist the practical side of the working knowledge, and the exam proved that again to me. I really believe that your course was the single most important part that contributed to my passing the exam. Thanks again and you are welcome to use me as a reference where you need me in the future.”

    • Dawie Steenkamp


  • “I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance with the memory map, and to let you know that I thought [Cheetah PMP coach] Jeff did a fabulous job last week. On day one Jeff said, ‘Stick with me, follow the program, and you will pass the test.’ He was right! I did pass the test, and I do not believe I could have done so without his assistance. He did a great job of keeping the class on track, answering our questions, and giving us great insights, tips, and techniques.”

    • Frank Peters


  • “We have been very pleased with our experience with Cheetah, so it is no surprise that another BAH [Booz Allen Hamilton] group is organizing a PMP session with you.”

    • Dana Yoo

      Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

  • “The Cheetah PMP prep program has helped our Project Managers achieve this important certification of knowledge and experience. The pursuit of this certification has developed the JDA Consulting Services Project Managers into strong project leaders.”

    • Tony

      Senior Director of JDA Consulting Services

  • “If you had charged me $10,000 for this, I would have been happy to pay it. This [Cheetah Exam Prep® for the PMP® Exam] was the best course I ever took. PERIOD.”

    • J. C.

      PMP, Project Manager – Jade Kat Project Management Inc.

  • “Just a note to let you know I passed the PMP exam with an 84%! I cannot imagine being able to study for and pass the PMP exam in so short a time were it not for your class. I seriously doubted whether the information required to pass the PMP exam could be covered and digested in only four days. I reasoned, however, that since you offer a money-back guarantee, there was little risk in taking a chance. It was so much easier to buy knowing that it was only a week out of my life, and if I didn’t pass, I would get all of my money back. The real proof of your class was that I passed the test and with an 84%, no less. I was impressed with your system, your instructors and with the results. It was results that I paid for, and it was results that your class delivered. I will be recommending your class to every Project Manager I know.”

    • M. B.

      PMP, CEO - Clickguide Inc.

  • “I really like these on-line classes. I can travel quite a bit and it can be difficult to make local PMI meetings or attend local classes. As you know, it is very important to keep the PDUs in order to retain PMP status. I know some PMs who end up rushing to take classes to remain current.”

    • S. K.


  • “I’ve done two online courses late this year to complete my 60 PDUs, the other from a well-known provider, and this course [Cheetah’s PM Strength Builder] was much better… I actually got something out of it, rather than just spending the time going through the motions. Thanks.”

    • W. H.


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