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  • The Limits of the Mind and the Four Minute Mile

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    The four minute mile was first done in 1954 by Roger Bannister and it’s now considered the norm for middle distance runners.  Before Bannister broke this barrier, it was considered impossible.   This is the way it is for most things in life.

    Before Cheetah Learning created the 0 to PMP in 5 days approach to passing the Project Management Professional exam after only four days of prep in 2001, most people thought they had to spend six months studying for this very difficult exam, yet 40% of them still failed.

    Where else is this going on in your life?   Where have you placed constraints on what you believe is possible for yourself that if you thought differently, you could achieve vastly better results?  Cheetah showed it truly was possible to prepare for the PMP exam in less than 1/5th the time and have vastly better results – 98% of Cheetah students pass the PMP exam after just four days in our accelerated PMP prep course.

    But it isn’t just with this exam where this is possible. Many of our Cheetah students tell us they use the same techniques we use in the accelerated PMP prep course in other areas of their life to achieve more faster, with better results.

    And we listened to what they said – this is why we created Cheetah’s accelerated learning course.  So that people could not only pass exams 5 x faster, but learn everything 5 x faster.  The formula Cheetah Learning uses is well proven to do just that  –  just like it is now standard for distance runners to do four minute miles.


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