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  • What does it take to pass the PMP Exam Based on the PMBOK 6th Edition?

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    In Cheetah’s 4 day PMP Exam Prep course, students are Passing the PMP Exam based on the New PMBOK 6th Edition

    We’re now a couple weeks into the new Project Management Professional Certification exam based on the PMBOK 6th Edition.  At Cheetah Learning, we are having good results with people passing the PMP exam after taking Cheetah’s PMP exam prep course.  Here is what we’re seeing:

    1. You still need to know much more than just what is in the Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th Edition (PMBOK).  The PMBOK 6th Edition has an added layer of tailoring and agile PM approaches.  The callout primarily is that you need to do tailoring.  Like in previous editions of the PMBOK, you need to know much more than what is in the PMBOK to correctly answer the PMP test questions.

    2. There is more material in the PMBOK 6th Edition – you need a solid strategy on how to synthesize and integrate this material into your existing knowledge base on doing Project Management.  While your PM experience is important – how you map that experience into the “PMI Way” according to the PMBOK 6th Edition is crucial for being able to logically deduce the correct answers on the actual PMP Exam.  Cheetah’s PMP Test Prep course helps you integrate your PM experience with the “PMI way” so you can logically deduce the correct answer to PMP test questions.

    3. The whole front end of the PMBOK 6th Edition is new. This sets up the rest of the PMBOK 6th Edition.  A clear understanding of how the PMBOK is organized can dramatically simplify how you uptake the information in the remainder of this huge 756-page book.  In Cheetah’s 4 day PMP immersion program (that is far more than a PMP Boot Camp), you use proven accelerated learning techniques to organize the PMBOK.  This helps stimulate your abilities at instant recall to correctly answer the  PMP test questions.

    Our team of Cheetah PMP Coaches is seeing solid results with Cheetah’s updated PMP Exam Prep program for the PMBOK 6th Edition.  People are passing the PMP exam after only four days of prep in Cheetah Learning’s class.

    To learn more about Cheetah Learning’s proven Accelerated PMP Exam Prep program  – visit www.cheetahlearning.com or download our Free Fast Track Guide to the PMP Exam.   We are so confident you will pass the PMP exam,  we offer a full money back guarantee.  In addition to becoming a PMP after Cheetah’s 4 day PMP Test Prep course,  you also earn Cheetah’s Certified Accelerated Learner credential that shows the world, you have mastered the techniques to learn 5x faster.


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