Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP® Exam - Overview


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A lot of people were joking that I did not need the class, but believe me I did. The PMP Exam is very unique and I personally do not believe that anyone will pass the exam without specific preparation. I let those people motivate me. I always believe that any academic work will assist the practical side of the working knowledge and the exam proved that again to me. I really believe that your course was the single most important part that contributed to my passing the exam. Thanks again and you are welcome to use me as a reference where you need me in the future.

Dawie Steenkamp, PMP

Thanks a lot for all your efforts and encouragement during the PMP exam prep course. It really helped me pass the PMP exam on March 10th. My confidence started building as we went through the rigorous routine and the complete immersion technique. Hats off to you and Cheetah for conducting this course in such a professional manner. Although at one point my confidence was a bit shaken after hearing my son was admitted to the hospital, my determination was strong to help me pull through that day. My son's doing fine again - luckily no broken bones from the injury. The exercises and the diet did help me during the two breaks that I took during the exam. The whole experience of "one-week-of-our-lives-in-Cheetah's-hand' was simply amazing !!! Thanks a lot again for all your help and guidance. Great job!

Kaizad Patel, PMP

Become PMP Certified at Cheetah Speed, Guaranteed - As long as you have your eligibility from PMI® to sit for the exam. Start the class on Monday and be PMP certified by Friday assuming you've scheduled your test for Friday. If you're a busy project manager who wants to get this done FAST, we designed this course for you. Today, more than ever, you need to go with the company with the best track record for becoming PMP certified. A large percentage of the people who have taken the new exam have gone through the Cheetah PMP Exam Prep course, and PASSED. To give you the best chance of passing, we use an intense immersion approach with well proven advanced accelerated learning techniques.  We also continuously evaluate our material, making sure that it is up to date to give our students the BEST chance of passing the exam, and our just in time printing approach enables us to provide our students the most current material available.

If you are not sure if you have the necessary experience for the new PMP exam, email our PM Career Counselor, Jean Steinmetz - and she will set up phone meeting with you to review your qualifications and administer a short assessment.

Tuition - does not include the fee that PMI® charges to take the certification exam. PMI requires to cover that fee directly with PMI® and you are responsible for scheduling your exam.

I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance with the memory map, and to let you know that I thought Jeff did a fabulous job last week. On day one Jeff said  "Stick with me, follow the program, and you will pass the test". He was right! I did pass the test, and I do not believe I could have done so without his assistance. He did a great job of keeping the class on track, answering our questions, and giving us great insights, tips and techniques.                                                                                                     

Frank Peters, PMP

What type of people take this course? Good project managers who are resourceful, understand the real cost of their time and recognize that this approach significantly reduces their risks with pursuing the PMP certification take this course.

  • Approximately 60% of our students are able to convince their companies of the extreme value of this program and have corporate sponsorship.

  • The other 40% realize that it will dramatically improve their salary potential and job prospects and self - finance the course. Many report back to us that they receive a return on their investment in as little as two months. You can use our sample spreadsheet to calculate your own return on investment.

  • All recognize how this approach significantly reduces their risk. See how the accelerated PMP exam prep approach reduces risk over the traditional PMP exam prep approach.

To ensure your success, we limit the class size to under 25 participants to provide the necessary one-on-one coaching.

Guaranteed to pass - Click Here to view our policies and FAQs

No previous PMP exam prep courses needed. The only pre-requisite is to have your PMI eligibility letter to sit for the exam.* This is an intense week of training based on the PMBOK® Guide, so you have to be prepared to completely immerse yourself in the program to be sure you can pass the exam.  *Included with your paid registration is a 35 hour online PMP Headstart Course that when successfully completed can be used to satisfy PMI's required 35 hours of PM training prior to applying to take the PMP exam, if you need it. Even if you  already have the 35 hours of PM training, you have to factor in doing the complete PM Basics Course that takes 35 hours prior to filling out your application. We have it set up so you can easily do the online class in less than a week. You do the activities as a normal part of your day-to-day life and complete the filing of your online application with PMI® when you're finished. (The work you do as part of the online course is work you would have to do to fill out the eligibility application anyhow and prepare yourself physically and mentally for the course)

The ultimate in risk-free, time-efficient learning. Developed by leaders in accelerated learning, memory and instant recall, and project management professionals. You will work with your Cheetah PMP exam prep coach Monday through Thursday so you are fully prepared to take the exam on Friday or when you scheduled it. If needed our educational counselors help you through the PMI Eligibility process. You also have the Online Course Orientation and Cheetah's Free SmartStart™ Guide for the PMP exam to review if needed to get ready for the exam. The course is an intensive four day immersion approach to ensure you are ready to pass the PMI PMP exam on the fifth day (provided you paid for and received your eligibility and have scheduled your test.) All coaches have been through an extensive certification process to ensure your success.

How is this different than other PMP Exam Prep Programs?

Cheetah is a leader in PMP Exam prep because our training lasts longer than the exam. It lasts a lifetime.

After you’ve received your PMP certification credential, that’s when the real work of being a project manager begins and that’s where our training kicks in. It’s hands-on training that prepares you for any goal that comes your way.

Since many students reported back to us that they were using our unique accelerated learning techniques in their work as project managers, we now provide our graduates with white papers on how they can use their new found abilities with accelerated learning in their project management careers. Our students even use the accelerated learning techniques with very good results with their children to help them in their academic pursuits. After spending four days in our program, you are transformed and have a very different perspective on your own abilities to learn and to learn fast. We've had people who didn't even want the PMP certification credential come through the course just to have the experience gained from this type of endeavor.  

We can bring this class to you. Cheetah Exam Prep can come to your company or we can make arrangements at a local hotel to have only employees from your company in the class. We require a minimum of 10 students for a 'company-specific' class. Students should be ready to delegate their workload to team members so that they may totally immerse themselves in the program. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee success. For more information, call (855) 286-9900 and ask for a Cheetah Exam Prep Sales Rep.

These classes fill up fast, so as soon as you know you are interested in taking a course on a specific date, reserve your space in the class by registering.

Tuition does not include the fee that PMI® charges to take the certification exam. PMI requires PMP exam candidates to cover that fee directly with PMI®.

When you register for the course, you receive a confirmation email that provides the link to our Online Orientation to ensure you are ready to take the PMP Exam on the last day of class if you can schedule it. The Online Orientation includes:

  • Instructions on how to speed up your PMI Eligibility Application with PMI.

  • Techniques for dealing with the Prometric Test Center near the course for which you are registered to ensure you can get your exam scheduled on the fifth day of the class.

  • Tips on how to improve your mental performance so you can do your best on the PMP exam.

  • A short Preview with tips we've assembled based on feedback from former students on how to understand the PMBOK® Guide and what to do to be improve your chances of passing the exam.  

  • A PMP Exam Readiness Checklist.

* Existing PMP's are not able to obtain a PMI eligibility letter. Therefore they do not meet the prerequisites for this program. We do make exceptions with special permission from the CEO of Cheetah Learning and the instructor in the class for which a PMP wishes to register.  

**To ensure you can take the exam the last day of class, you should register at least 6 weeks prior to the course, pay for and receive your eligibility letter, and schedule your test for Friday of the class week. If you register later, you can still take the class, but depending on the availability of space at the Prometric Testing Center near the course, you may have to take the exam Monday or Tuesday of the following week near your hometown. In some instances we hold the class from Thursday to Sunday or in some other four day block. And in rare situations, the Prometric Testing Center may be closed on the fifth day after the four day course - we do our best to insure the closest Prometric Testing Center is open on the fifth day following the four day course and in 99.95% of the time it is. To insure you can take the exam when and where you want, it is best to schedule your exam at least six weeks in advance. **