When we asked Cheetah Learning students what was the most valuable thing about the Cheetah Certified Project Manager Program, here's what they had to say...


"The most valuable part of the course for me, aside from learning an elegantly simple variation on PMBOK that is applicable to any project, was how the course insisted that I use myself as the sample project. I learned how to rank the array of often conflicting goals that we all have in our busy and complex lives, and determine what was most important to me to change, as well as the likelihood that I’d be able to make that change. Ultimately, I felt that the course was as much about how to understand and work with human nature as it is about project methodology, and the methods worked. Take this course seriously – it’s worth so much. Thanks, Cheetah."

- Robert M.

"I appreciate that the Cheetah courses bring together work/life balance. By encouraging a focus on personal and professional goals, I am better able to "perform" in my career and my personal life."

- Lisa K.

"The focus on project management as a support for life skills rather than purely for project management improvement is the goal for the course."

- Jeffrey F.

“The most valuable part of the course was realizing that most of the issues I've been dealing with in my life are due to poor planning and follow through. With this class, I have made my goals my priority, and ensure follow through by visiting and re-assessing regularly. What a difference it has made! Results are coming at Cheetah speed!”

- P. S.

“Thanks for the opportunity to take this course! I can finally add a PM certification to my name! This one was effective and not overly time consuming.”

- Marlene S.

“The book [Cheetah Project Management] was highly energizing -- loved it. But I also learned a lot about the perspective of effective behaviors affecting project success.”

- Julie H.

"Learning how to speed read personality types and how that relates to peoples strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. Very valuable knowledge/skill."

- Amanda C

"The exercises made me really look at myself and how I was approaching project management. Everyone I dealt with at Cheetah was absolutely wonderful! I will certainly look to take more classes with you!"

- Pat S.

"I juggle multiple accounts with many projects. Being able to take the course after hours and weekends really helps a great deal. I love the flexibility."

- Corey L.

"The APM methodology, which has real world applicability for me. The exercises had significant relevance to a real-life negotiation I am about to undertake."

- Craig R.

"I led a Lean Event after I read the book for the first time. It helped me to be a more effective facilitator and the skills will carry on into my next projects. Very applicable to the real world right away - thank you!!"

- Michelle M.

"Everything - the book, the activities - even the Brainwave Generator - I LOVED IT ALL!!!! Good level of detail, good templates and files for download."

-Mary K.

"Developed techniques for: fast-track project kick-off, well organized group meetings, speed-reading, mind mapping, self-awareness and group participation, team building."

- Marc B.

"Learning how to read people in order to effectively negotiate."

- Christopher T.

"I was made aware of all the contributors in my day-to-day life that have an adverse affect on a Peak Performing Mind. And I actually believed I led a very healthy life."

- Christian K.

"I enjoyed the strategic planning sections of the course. It was very helpful to see what might seem as obvious tasks from a different perspective."

- Dan A.

"The book "Cheetah Project Management" by Michelle LaBrosse was excellent and practical to real world project management. Good content and very useful. There were other aspects that were especially helpful such as the mind map of real life projects."

- DJ D.

"I really enjoyed all the activities. They helped ingrain concepts. I loved the templates and tools and plan to adapt them for other uses."

- Beverly W.

"Getting myself in better physical shape and creating a more healthy mind and body FOR ME!"

- Charles Sanders

"I absolutely LOVE the Learning Schedule and the Learning Journal. They really help me keep on track with the course requirements."

- Marti P.

"Many of the concepts could apply to an active project. The team dynamics were true in revealing that it's not just my project."

- Janey A.

"Learning the different stages of negotiation, negotiation tactics, and the process of assessing more about what you want and what the other party wants."

- Amy K.

"Negotiation Tactics & Communication Styles/Tactics."

- Anne H.

"Learning the mechanics and the importance of preparation/setting the stage."

- Bethany L.

"Myers Briggs test and applicability to negotiations."

- Chris L.

"The fact that I was able to do it on my own time."

-Annette B.

"The process of mapping the theory to my work."

- Claudia C.

"Applying project management techniques to a personal goal."

- Catherine H.

"Forcing myself to be honest with myself and creating the journal and change plan."

- Audrey W.

"Look at one's self to determine a course of change."

- Daniel B.

"That it helped my health immediately. Not just my mind but my overall health."

- David B.

"Very practical techniques to carry on improving my mental performance."

- Dale B.

"It actually helped me to put together a personal plan and gave me tools to stick to it"

- Jaqueline D.

"The reading material was very useful in helping me focus on the developing my plan of action."

- JoAnne S.

"The review of what was and maybe wasn't working in my life and how to create a plan to change."

-Kara S.

"Exceptional course as I learned an immense amount that can be used both professionally and personally as I move forward in life."

-V. P.