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Finish What You Start Five Times Faster -
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This Program is 60 hours, 12 Weeks Online.
You work one on one with your online coach to:

  1. Get your mind into a state of peak performance. You master this by adopting some simple lifestyle behaviors. There is tremendous research going on into "nootropics", mind enhancing brain performance drugs and supplements. The reality though is some of these have some very serious dangerous side effects and they are just not at all required when you learn how to naturally get your brain into a state of peak performance.
  2. Align what you do and how you are doing it with your innate strengths. You learn how to learn faster, get your projects done quicker, and create better agreements with others based on your innate strengths. This helps you focus your efforts in areas where you really can make a significant impact, and do so Cheetah Fast.
  3. Transform your barriers to completion into laser sharp focus so you finish whatever you start Cheetah Fast. We all have mind numbing distractions that can derail our best intentions. Becoming a Cheetah Certified Project Manager will enable you to master the strategies that control distractions and eliminate self-defeating habits.
  4. We have a 100% Learning Guarantee*.

The CCPM course is a major game changer.

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*If after you complete the course with a passing grade, you feel you did not improve how you learn, do your projects or negotiate, we fully refund your course fee. You also forfeit any credits you earned as we only can give credits when people actually learn.