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Every single person does projects as a part of their life. The more successful people are doing projects, the more successful they are in life. The faster people are at getting their projects completed, the more quickly they can achieve their important life goals. Cheetah Project Management was designed using accelerated learning techniques to make it fast to learn how to better manage projects and to make it faster to get those projects done.

The Cheetah Project Management Project Accelerator course is a one-day experience that gets people moving faster. Also, if a whole project team shows up, they learn as a team how to complete their projects faster, together. In this one-day course, students experience first-hand a very fast and easy way to get their projects organized and keep them on track for a quick and successful completion. They do this in a highly interactive and engaging team-based accelerated learning event so they learn the concepts today and can put them to use immediately. If you want to learn how to complete your projects quicker and work faster and more effectively with your project teams as well, this course is for you.

Cheetah Project Management Training Details

Credit – 8 Cheetah Spots/Education Hours
Tuition – $22,600 USD for up to 15 participants
Start Date – Available Now
Duration – Online (1 hour) Pre-Work and one day onsite (7 hours)
Course Location – Online & Onsite, at your facility or at one of our training facilities
Course Material – All course material needed to complete the online and classroom portions of the course is provided, including an online pre-course, the course text, Cheetah Project Management by Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, and all material to do the full day simulation.

What You’ll Learn

In this Cheetah Project Management Training course, you will learn a fast, effective, and simple technique for launching and managing your projects. You’ll learn this technique through a very effective and memorable teaching method incorporating accelerated learning principles – and you’ll learn it in one day. Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • Learn your unique strengths and challenges in your role as a Project Manager and how to leverage your innate strengths to excel in Project Management.
  • Develop strategies to overcome those areas of Project Management that might challenge you and better appreciate and use the unique talents of others with whom you work.
  • Reduce conflict by clearly communicating with people on the project team and your customers about the project.
  • Accurately define the problems your project will help your customers solve.
  • Specify the requirements of your project in terms of how your customers will use the project deliverables.
  • Clearly define the end points of your project to rein in costs.
  • Create a high-performing project team that is aligned on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Determine exactly what you need to have to get started with your project and what represents completion (and success).
  • Create measurements to ensure your project meets customer’s acceptance criteria.
  • Define reviews and approvals at each stage of your project.
  • Collect relevant information in periodic reports to coordinate project execution.
  • Assess, quantify, and prevent risks that could derail your project.
  • Define the priorities of the project in terms of cost, schedule, and quality.
  • Identify your constraints and conflicts on doing this project.
  • Determine the staff and resources to complete the project.
  • Align your budget with the overall goals and objectives of your application.
  • Create dependency schedules of your interim deliverables with an easy to visualize graphical mapping technique.
  • Use a quick three-point estimating technique to calculate budgets associated with work and resources needed to get the job done.
  • Adjust your project plan based on issues that arise during the execution of your project.
  • Record your lessons learned in a way that you can use them to improve the way you manage your next project.



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