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Cheetah Learning now has an accelerated PMP® exam prep program for as low as $1495. For more information about PMP Exam Prep, Corporate Discounts, and Installment Plans, call 888-659-2013 or email.


“I became a PMP through Cheetah, and it was the easiest I’ve ever done something that hard. I chose a one-week course, and went out of town to take it so I wouldn’t be distracted by my usual life. I devoted all my time to the classes and my study, and by the time I got to the exam, it was a breeze. (I think the instructor purposely gave us harder practice questions than we would have through the Project Management Institute). What surprised me most was the applicability of what I learned to my actual work. The Cheetah course was not teaching to the test — it was real teaching. I’d do it again in a flash if I needed it.” – J.T. PMP

“The higher-level material during the course helped ensure that I was prepared for the exam questions, which were not as challenging. The course material is going to help me in my current and future role as I will use the PMI processes to help build my current organizations PM infrastructure. This course helped me get my mind into the PMI way of doing project management.”  – E.V., PMP

“This course was imperative to my success for obtaining my PMP. I have real test anxiety that is almost paralyzing. This course gave me tools to help overcome that. It also provides great supplemental material from the PMBOK 6 which I found was extremely valuable especially considering how boring and repetitive the PMBOK guide was. The instructor really made the virtual experience feel like it might as well have been face to face. I ended up passing the exam above target at 3.5 hours.:)” – T.J., PMP

“Let me share that you’ve made a mark on my career, ya’ know. It’s probably been ten or so years now since I took my Cheetah PMP prep class. That was the best money I ever spent! Except for may Lasik – that was pretty awesome, too! Since then, when possible, as a manager I sent people to Cheetah courses, and talked it up to others. – Becky Thomas, PMP

“Since achieving the PMP through your tutelage at Cheetah I have more than doubled my salary and expect to see further increases soon. Thanks!” – R.V., Consultant

“Heard about it from a trainer from a different company a few months ago. Explored the options. Best decision ever! It is NOT one of those crash and forget courses. I still remember everything I learned! Great investment for a personal goal!!!” – LkPlat

Testimonial from our Virtual Live PMP Class “I was initially concerned regarding the “virtual” class format. It was excellent. The technology worked great; it felt like you were in the classroom with the other students. Also, the class moved well because of fewer interruptions (as student were more concise and careful about their inputs.)” – C.G., PMP

“The pace of the course was great. It created a sense of urgency but kept me believing that I could pass the exam. Best training course I’ve ever taken.” – O.M., PMP

What was most valuable to you about Cheetah’s accelerated exam prep approach for helping you take the PMP exam?: “The simulated stress and continual pushing of mental limits.”
How will your experience taking Cheetah’s Accelerated PMP Exam Prep course help you with pursuing other goals in life? : “My experience with Cheetah Learning taught me to go for it, no matter what.”
What did you learn taking the exam that you would like to share with others? : “The exam is far less intense than the class.” – New PMP

How will your experience taking Cheetah’s Accelerated PMP Exam Prep course help you with pursuing other goals in life? : “If I can do this accelerated training and pass the test, I can do anything” – New PMP

“I just want to take a second to say thank you! I am absolutely certain that without the Cheetah Prep course and the enthusiasm of Paul I would have not been able to pass this monster of an exam. My only regret is that I didn’t take this class from the start. Again, thank you a million times…somebody that had as much difficulty as I did, with cognition issues, multiple exam attempts and three other prep classes was able to pass because of this class.” – M.D., PMP

“If you had charged me $10,000 for this, I would have been happy to pay it. This was the best course I ever took. PERIOD.” – J. C., PMP, Project Manager – Jade Kat Project Management Inc. (Ottawa, Canada)

“I was looking at many different providers, and decided to go with Cheetah Learning because the company was founded by a rocket scientist. They better know how to do Project Management!  I’m glad I made the choice, because now I’m a PMP!” – J.E.S., PMP, Project Manager  

“Just a note to let you know I passed the PMP exam with an 84%! I cannot imagine being able to study for and pass the PMP exam in so short a time were it not for your class. I seriously doubted whether the information required to pass the PMP exam could be covered and digested in only four days. I reasoned, however, that since you offer a money-back guarantee, there was little risk in taking a chance. It was so much easier to buy knowing that it was only a week out of my life, and if I didn’t pass, I would get all of my money back. The real proof of your class was that I passed the test and with an 84%, no less. I was impressed with your system, your instructors and with the results. It was results that I paid for, and it was results that your class delivered. I will be recommending your class to every project manager I know.” – M. B., PMP, CEO, Clickguide Inc.

“Well, not even two weeks after receiving my PMP certification, I got a job offer! They were looking for a PM consultant with PMI certification and that’s the only reason I got the interview! So, I start a 20-month contract with Blue Cross/Blue Shield right here in Denver on Monday. The pay is good, and they’re thrilled they’re getting [someone with] a PMP certification. (It was a 30-minute phone interview, and I got an offer the next day – not even a face-to-face meeting, unheard of in this job market!) I want to thank you for all your help and support. I’m convinced that I’d be in the same place I was a month ago (no job and no prospects) if it weren’t for your class!! Kudos to you and your team!” – T. P., PMP – Project Manager

“I finally took the Cheetah class with Vikram Bala and am now a PMP. Going in the class, I was convinced I would not pass due to the huge amount of personal stress I am in -dealing with a possible separation and custody issues. Mr. Bala was an outstanding coach who was able to get me focused and motivated. Hats off to your program. The next training class I take will be with Cheetah!” – New PMP  

“I was expecting an intense experience and was not disappointed. It is very obvious Paul Michio is a PMI/PMP expert and his concern for his students and passion for the topic matches his expertise.” – New PMP  

“My instructor, Jeff Allen, was in a word, AWESOME! Wow, what a great teacher. His passion for the subject matter was evident. I could tell he loves what he does. Jeff interacted with the class very well and did a great job of “controlling” the class. He was very professional in everything he did, including handling questions from people, and his willingness to listen and provide constructive criticism, helpful hints, or advice. Jeff created and maintained an environment that was conducive to learning. I felt like Jeff cared about each and every one of us, and he truly wanted to see each of us succeed and pass the exam, and that is huge. I appreciate that.” -New PMP

“Paul and Mike are in the top 1% of all of the instructors I have learned from in my 60 years on the planet.” What was most valuable to you about the course?: “The professionalism of the instructors.” What recommendations would you make to improve the course?: “I can’t think of any offhand.” – New PMP

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “Learning about memory mapping, and the role eating protein has on brain power…helped in taking the PMP exam – and the practice exams emphasized the material, and also familiarized me with the format of the exam.” – New PMP

“Really good opportunity and class, and since I passed the exam, I am now one of the many satisfied customers! Thanks!.” – New PMP

“Ray, my instructor, was exceptional. He made the material relatable and interesting. Furthermore, he consistently offered tips to be successful in the PMP exam and encouraged us all along. – D.M.

What was the most valuable part of the course?“Ray had a way of relating real life stories that made very difficult course content much easier to understand and recall.” Other Comments?: “I found the course materials and the instructor very organized and easy to follow. The PMBOK can at times get difficult to follow and the design of the course materials by Cheetah were more memory map driven and streamlined. Kudos to a job well done. I passed the exam, which is very exciting. I also learned so much from Ray…even though he said he wasn’t teaching a class, just preparing us for the exam, he got an enormous amount of information across to the class. Thanks so much! Can I also mention Jean was fabulous to work with getting the application to sit the test completed. She is another wonderful asset that you at Cheetah have.” – M.N. PMP


Absolutely the very best. I leave every class with a clearer vision of the right planning, action, and overall processes. What I learn with Cheetah as I keep my commitment to continual improvement by training and implementation allows me to meet my diverse project goals, and schedules while remaining in budget. Cheetah courses provide clear teachings that increase every student’s ability to communicate, and lead effectively so they can deliver high quality results that equal project success plus. I have had many other classes, but Cheetah courses are the best!” – Vivian A.

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “Most valuable part of the course was getting to know myself better and how I can improve my health and get a peak performing mind. I also liked understanding my personality and then understanding how to assess different opportunities for how good of a fit they are for me. Overall, this was a really, really good course and I will be recommending it to others.” – J.R.

“Thanks for the opportunity to take this course! I can finally add a PM certification to my name! This one was effective and not overly time consuming.” -Marlene S.

“I appreciate that the Cheetah courses bring together work/life balance. By encouraging a focus on personal and professional goals, I am better able to “perform” in my career and my personal life.” – Lisa K.

“I really enjoyed the activities. They helped ingrain concepts. I loved the templates and tools and plan to adapt them for other uses.” – Beverly W.

“Getting myself in better physical shape and creating a more healthy mind and body FOR ME!” – Charles Sanders

“I juggle multiple accounts with many projects. Being able to take the course after hours and weekends really helps a great deal. I love the flexibility.” – Corey L.

“I absolutely LOVE the Learning Schedule and the Learning Journal…they really help me keep on track with the course requirements.” -Marti P.

“The APM methodology, which has real world applicability for me. The exercises had significant relevance to a real-life negotiation I am about to undertake.” -Craig R.

“The book “Cheetah Project Management” by Michelle LaBrosse was excellent and practical to real world project management. Good content and very useful. There were other aspects that were especially helpful such as the mind map of real life projects.” -DJ D.

“Many of the concepts could apply to an active project. The team dynamics were true and revealing that it’s not just my project.” -Janey A.

“Developed techniques for: Fast-track project kick-0ff, well organized group meetings, Speed-reading, mind mapping, self-awareness and group participation, team building.” -Marc B.

“The book was highly energizing — loved it. But also learned a lot from the perspective of effective behaviors affecting project success.” -Julie H.

“I led a Lean Event after I read the book for the first time. It helped me to be a more effective facilitator and the skills will carry on into my next projects. Very applicable to the real world right away – thank you!!” -Michele M.

“Learning the different stages of negotiation, negotiation tactics, and the process of assessing more about what you want and what the other party wants.” -Amy K.

“Negotiation Tactics & Communication Styles/Tactics.” -Anne H.

“Learning how to speed read personality types and how that relates to peoples strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. Very valuable knowledge/skill. -Amanda C.

“Learning the mechanics and the importance of preparation/setting the stage.” -Bethany L.

“Applying real world examples.” -Brenda L.

“I enjoyed the strategic planning sections of the course. It was very helpful to see what might seem obvious tasks from a different perspective.” -Dan A.

“Myers Briggs test and applicability to negotiations.” -Chris L.

“Learning how to read people in order to effectively negotiate.” -Christopher T.

“The fact that I was able to do it on my own time.” -Annette B.

“The process of mapping the theory to my work.” -Claudia C.

“Applying project management techniques to a personal goal.” -Catherine H.

“Forcing myself to be honest with myself and creating the journal and change plan.” -Audrey W.

“I was made aware of all the contributors in my day-to-day life that have an adverse affect on a Peak Performing Mind. And I actually believed I led a very healthy life.” -Christian K.

“Look at one’s self to determine a course of change.” -Daniel B.

“That it helped my health immediately. Not just my mind but my overall health.” -David B.

“Good planning tool for improving specific areas of my life.” -Hank C.

“Very practical techniques to carry on improving my mental performance.” -Dale B.

“It actually helped me to put together a personal plan and gave me tools to stick to it” -Jaqueline D.

“The reading material was very useful in helping me focus on the developing my plan of action.” -JoAnne S.

“The exercises made me really look at myself and how I was approaching project management. Everyone I dealt with at Cheetah was absolutely wonderful! I will certainly look to take more classes with you!” -Pat S.

“The review of what was and maybe wasn’t working in my life and how to create a plan to change.” -Kara S.

“Exceptional course as I learned an immense amount that can be used both professionally and personally as I move forward in life.” -V. P.

“I liked the exercises. They helped solidify the information in the books and gave me real examples that I could use. The exercises also made me really look at myself and how i was approaching project management.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “The overall methodology: clear, organized, simple to implement. I was amazed that course went far beyond project management. There were some beneficial life lessons embedded in the course as well. I would recommend the course to anyone who needs a fresh approach to life in general.” – L. G.


“I took the CAPM over a summer while in college- it helped me get an awesome job on campus the next year running one of the Students’ Boards and impact lasting change in my community”– A.L.

What was most valuable?The schedule. Having the coursework broken down into small pieces made it much easier to deal with. It was easy to tackle one piece at a time and not feel overwhelmed.” – D.A.

“The modules, topics and methodologies used in the course were very effective in helping me pass the certification exam.” – M.A.

What was most valuable?The structured study schedule and the time limits. Making the student stick to a rigid, but not overwhelming schedule for studying, helped tremendously. Also the supplemental items like the audio files and the diet and exercise recommendations were very good.” – L.P.

“Kristen Medina was very helpful with providing timely feedback and helped me out throughout the entire program. I am very happy with my results, and would highly recommend Cheetah Learning to others wishing to obtain their CAPM Cert. Thanks!” – L.R.


“The course material was well organized and the tests helped reinforce the concepts. The instructor was extremely helpful in answering questions and coaching me!” – L. F.

“Anytime I need to take an exam, I will use Cheetah to pass it!!!” – J.R.

PDU Courses

Personality Based Project Management

“The focus on project management as a support for life skills rather than purely for project management improvement as the goal for the course.” – Jeffrey F.

”Everything – the book, the activities – I LOVED IT ALL!!!! Good level of detail, good templates and files for download.” – Mary K

“The most valuable part of the course was realizing that most of the issues I’ve been dealing with in my life are due to poor planning and follow through. With this class, I have made my goals my priority, and ensure follow through by visiting and re-assessing regularly. What a difference it has made! Results are coming at Cheetah speed!” – P. S.

“As someone that didn’t have any formal PM training, but had workplace experience, I found this course to be very beneficial in that it provided me with the foundation/building blocks to lead successful projects. I really enjoyed the personality typing and learning how to read people quickly and in turn, know how to communicate with them most effectively.” – A.S, Kirkwood Community College

“Overall, it was a good course and a good way to get all the PMP PDUs in one go. I will recommend the course to the other PMPs in my organization.” – B. G.

PM Strength Builder

“I really liked the feedback about how to improve my PM skills by strengthening the areas of my style that are not as robust as other areas – in other words, to create PM improvement by self-improvement.” – A. R.

“I was a bit surprised by the content of the course as it was more personalized to me than I anticipated.” – T. H.

“I appreciated the nice comments from Linda and the ideas she shared in following up on my final assignments. She gave me some good ideas that I can start using immediately.” – S. K.  

“Very happy with this course.” – A. G.  

“The course was far more stimulating than I anticipated when I registered. Thanks!” – B. C.  

“I’ve done two online courses late this year to complete my 60 PDUs, the other from a well known provider, and this course was much better … I actually got something out of it, rather than just spending the time going through the motions. Thanks.” – W. H.  

“Learning how my personality can impact how I lead projects. I never thought of it that way, but I have found myself already taking different tasks in different ways now that I have thought deeper about it.”

Cheetah Project Management

“Barb did an excellent job of communicating and provided feedback that helped me make better use of the class. I was glad to see that this was not a canned-response, online course.” – F. D.

“I truly believe in order for a person to be an effective project manager they must have the ability to execute the plan…training modules which teach the discipline behind executing and staying on task will be beneficial. I enjoyed this class!!!” – K. T.

“I really enjoyed this online class. You have successfully squashed my previous opinion of online courses.” -J. A.

“I was very pleased with the responses from the course instructor and the timely manner in which they were completed.” – S. T.

Cheetah Negotiations

“Thank you, Michelle. This class is really outstanding. I appreciate the collection of material that was absolutely new and extremely helpful to me – the thinking hats, the 6 influences, the negotiation tactics, the permission-based questions. And by the way, this Cheetah course helped me to achieve something that I failed in my summer PMP exam prep class: I completely gave up coffee and caffeinated sodas more than a month ago. Although the placebo effect of high-protein nutrition bars wore off quickly, giving up the major source of caffeine did make a big difference for me.” – A. V.

“It was a good effective course with lots of valuable information..” – B. M.

“The activities within each module were both challenging and enlightening, providing me with the opportunity to explore different options as I progressed through the exercises.” – T. S.  

“Thanks – you guys are good!” – M. S.

“Very well structured course. The forms and documents to be completed before a negotiation will come in very handy and will be beneficial in future negotiations. Thank you!” – S. C.

“This course puts you in total control of the the negotiation processes. If you follow all of the modules you will reach the best possible outcome for all.” – T. S.  

“I’ve taken a couple of Negotiations classes before, but this one was completely different. The assignments were totally applicable to real-life situations – it wasn’t theory. I must say that I enjoyed and learned a lot from every module in this class.” – J. F.

“I work in a highly matrixed, virtualized environment. Communication issues arise every single day. This course helps me to be more effective. Trying to identify personality types and communication styles and tactics are of most value to me.”

“It was such a great class – especially that I am in the middle of tough negotiations for (my current project).  The good news is that we will probably get what we need to make the project a success!  I am going to talk about highlights of the class with my team at my next staff meeting.  There were was so much practical and ready to use advice in the program.” – A. S.

“I took the “Cheetah Negotiations” class during a very turbulent time in a business partnership. I was working with someone very difficult, but we HAD to work together or the partnership would have to dissolve. By using the techniques I learned, I was able to successfully negotiate so that we both got what we needed monetarily and validation-wise from the partnership.” – Amy E

“The way the book was written was very practical – I feel like I can apply what I learned tomorrow and get real-world results.”

Project Turnaround

“The Balance Sheet for assets is exceptional. It is the essence of project management for your life. The reference books were in-depth reinforcement of the concepts and enjoyable reading. This was a valuable insight into Project Management. The course covered what was intended and what I expected. It was well designed and well presented.
I would take Cheetah Courses not just for their education in Project Management but also the insights to life itself.” – DJ

“My thanks goes out to Michelle and her staff for offering this course to me, particularly at this present time. I find not only the material, the staff and structure at Cheetah one of utmost Professionalism but a company in tune with the PMP’s needs. You can be sure that I will be one of your biggest promoters that Cheetah Project Management will ever have. Much thanks to all of you!!!!” – A. V.

“Fantastic course. I love the application orientation (as opposed to abstract theory, “GI/GO”. Thank you very much. I have already begun changes to my thinking and my lifestyle.” “I liked the ‘be strong’ module. It helped to motivate me out of a seemingly desperate situation.”

Other topics you’d like to see in a course?: “Dealing with difficult people with a new twist.”

Other Comments?: “Very professional training material. It was well worth the value.”

“This course was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had in a long time. I wish everyone knew about this course and would take it – what a great place life would be! Thanks Cheetah!”

“Thoughtful, conceptual and insightful. I’d recommend this to several members of my team.”

“I had no idea when I registered that this class was about project turnaround — and the project was me. But I absolutely LOVED this course. Learned a lot and am motivated with a new approach!”

“It helped me understand what I had, and what I had not been doing with it!”

“This course has really re-energized me – I am very excited about my future possibilities. It also taught me to work through a dream with rational analysis until it is “the plan”, not a dream.”

“Great class and has powered a turnaround!”

“Thanks to Jean for her support during the project. I was torn on if I liked being surprised by the fact that the online course was about me. At first having to do an exercise that required multiple people and pulling my personal details was surprising, but in the end I think it was worth it.”

“I really appreciated how the concepts in this course applied to personal as well as business aspects of my life. I mixed them up as part of the exercises. It gave me real insight and perspective on what is really important in my life and what isn’t, and what to do about making positive changes.”

What was the most valuable part of the course? “Using my life and your techniques to learn. This is my first course since the prep course. I look forward to taking more.”

“This was my first Cheetah class and I enjoyed it. Look forward to others to maintain my PMP® certification and classes that enhance my project management skills.”

“I really enjoyed the course. I can certainly apply many of the concepts in my life to achieve my goals.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “The opportunity to assess where I am in my life and realize that I am at a crossroads and need to figure out what I want to do next. It also provided tools for this assessment and much more.”

“This was a thought inspiring course. It lead me to finding my life’s purpose. I am amazed!”

“I liked that the course made me focus beyond my day to day tasks and guided me to think about how I add value. I also liked the financial activities to start making my cash flow work more for me. – L. Doby

“I enjoyed the material in chapter 3, which allowed me to identify the right goals for today.  Excellent course and format. Cheetah’s high quality courses, ensure that you learn something new that will not only get you the PDUs, but are life changing. – Margaret P. Smith, PMP

Communicating Through Conflict

“I’ve greatly enjoyed putting the techniques learned in “Communicating Through Conflict” to use in my daily interactions with customers, project staff, and my kids. Whether you are a project manager or a parent, it’s the most valuable piece of knowledge in the world, to understand how to deal with difficult people in difficult situations. These lessons really do give you the skills you need to turn bad situations into productive ones. And the advantage of an online offering means nobody has to struggle without me for long periods of time. Thanks, Cheetah!” – C. M.  

“I enjoyed the interaction with Leslie – she did an excellent job helping with the lessons and giving encouragement.” – S. K.

“I have never done an online course before and I think this one had great value. I’ve heard of other online seminars that people really disliked but this one being self paced worked perfectly for me. In spite of a major change in my work load since starting the course I was able to complete on time by having the ability to focus on my job when I needed to and then get back to the course.” – C. B.

“Beneficial for PM’s to enhance their communication skills.” – D. B.  

“……..I found that I was focusing practicing the techniques in work situations, but not at home and with friends.  I have started embracing them in those situations (as seen in my exercises) and they work great!  They even work on a 13 year old girl!  I will also use the techniques in coaching and mentoring my team to help them navigate difficult situations. I have learned quite a bit.  I come across a few very difficult people on a regular basis.  Before using the techniques, I dreaded the conversations, especially those when I knew I was delivering bad news.  By using the techniques, these conversations have been much easier, greatly reducing my stress level before having the meetings.” – L. S., PMP  

“….My colleague was quite surprised as to how positively people seemed to react to the techniques.  With many organizations in a major state of change, so many of the managers that I deal with need to assert their values and opinions on how things should fall out.  Many disagreements have come out of this state of change.  However, when we started using the techniques in meetings where we needed multiple parties to come to agreement, it worked very well to keep the meeting stream moving without a lot of disruption or agreement…and…this all happened WHILE taking the course!” – J. S.  

“…The purpose of taking this class is to gain experience and a certification toward a career in project management, but the exercises that I have learned in this particular course have already been applied in other aspects of the life. I have been able to work out compromises with my teenage daughter, taken part in group discussions that involved sensitive issues, and I have been able to keep a friendship more “friendly” because of these simple but effective exercises. Obviously anything learned with the purpose of improving business relations can be used in other relationships as well….” – K. L.

Project Portfolio Management

“Barb did an excellent job of assembling a no nonsense yet comprehensive set of documents and straight forward processes that allow any firm to get their Project Portfolio management up and running in weeks. I found this approach leverages the strength of the PMBOK with precision. The process was quickly adopted by my company.” – G. P.

“Instructor was very timely with feedback. Very much enjoyed the online learning experience, material, etc.” -B. D.  

“Great course & instructor. Cheetah customer service is top of the line!” – R. R.

“Good course and the instructor (Kelly) was very proactive and gave excellent guidance.” –   T. H.

“Course was very well organized and followed a logical flow that I was able to apply to my current job.” – S. F.

“The framework of this course was easy to follow and I could use the templates immediately.” – B. S.

Enterprise Project Management

“The proposal that I gave to my senior vice president was approved! I go to Europe in two weeks to begin work on implementation as he wants me to start right away! Just HAD to send to you, and thought you might be interested in seeing it, and of course, I am proud of the work. I wanted you to see that I actually learned something! (smile) Thanks.” – L. S.  

“Enjoyed it more than I thought I would..” – D. P.

“Great course. I really enjoy the programs Cheetah has to offer.” – E. J. “I would like to thank Barbara for always responding promptly and accurately to my e-mails and giving me the necessary motivation to keep going. I hope I can do another course for the next set of PDU’s. Thanks Barb.” – K. M.

“Thanks for making 35 PDU’s so convenient!” – B. B.   

“I can truly say that Cheetah Learning’s “Building Your Consulting Practice” course has been transformational for me. I took the course on a whim, not really committed to the idea of starting my own business, and came out the other end with a fledgling business and three clients! The instructor was engaging, responsive and made sure I got value from the course by making me work through, rather than skate past, the hard parts.” – S. H.

“I helped me to gain better focus and understanding on what part of my business to build/expand.” – C. R.

“Thank you! Peter was very helpful, encouraging and supportive. He did an excellent job..” -T. G.

“I am so impressed by the whole company. I never ran into a snag or hitch and everyone made the whole experience great. I’ve learned so much that I’m truly looking forward to my next class with you. Thank you.” – D. C.

“The entire course was very valuable. However, the instructor feedback exceeds the general course value.”

On Par Project Management

“Great course. I will remember taking this one for many years to come. It really made taking a Project Management course more than just fun – I looked forward to it! The instructor was wonderful.” – C. L.  

“Chris, was an amazing guide on the PM process and an expert. So to review it again with good resource, made a big difference. Great instructor!!!” – D. J.  

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Many thanks to my Instructor.” – G. C.

“I really enjoyed the course. My golf game has improved were I won two tournaments while doing the course (that itself says volumes). My PM skills have been reinforced or relearned. I have learned other valuable skills like meetings, communications, and schedule, cost, and effort tracking with MS project. I would highly recommend this course to all my golfing PMP colleagues.” – J. G.

“Outstanding course. I significantly underestimated the amount of my time that the course would require. In my mind, that is a true measure of a good course. It combined the enjoyment of playing golf with the challenges of successfully running a project. Well done Cheetah!” – M. J.

PM Scorecard – Making Meaningful PM Performance Assessment

“Overall an excellent course. Promoting the use of metrics in managing projects will enhance the PM profession.” – B. H.

“Several of the exercises were very good. They made me think more about the perspectives of people in different roles – the stakeholder, customers, team members, etc.. Plus the emphasis on measuring Project Management performance was good – our current form is long and we don’t do it consistently.” – G. N.

“Made my look into the tools that my company offered and found a great deal more then I thought I had. It also made me look at how I was running some of projects and see where improvements are needed.” – M. R.

“PM performance is an excellent topic. I do not recall seeing many courses on this topic. How a PM performs and measures performance is key to my organization, and I will be able to carry forward in mentoring others in good surveys, useful measures, and how to better demonstrate improvements from the feedback.”

Project Home Improvement

“Actual use of actual PM tools and techniques on a short-term project with almost instantaneous feedback on your inputs to Cheetah Learning.” – P. G.

“Since my latest promotion, I no longer work as a project manager. My duties are more managerial than project oriented. However, I continue to use project management techniques in my daily duties. This course provided me the opportunity to re-visit the entire PMBOK process which is very helpful.” – B. G.

“It was a fun way to refresh my project mgmt knowledge. In my experience, if you can make learning fun it will stick with you for a long time.” – D. N.

“Jean was very courteous and “kind” with her comments. I could definitely read into her comments where I needed to improve. Thank you, Jean.” – A. L.

“Great course. I consider myself a veteran project manager but I learned some very basic concepts from this course that I can apply in my projects today.” – D. R.

“This was a fun course and I learned a lot. being self-paced was a benefit while juggling work and family life.” – J. H.

“This was a great course that I’ve already begun recommending to colleagues and friends.” – K. K.

“The course made me get back to some of the basics of project management that I can sometimes bypass in the real world. It emphasizes the need for all areas.”

“Another great Cheetah course!”

Project Risk Management

“This was an excellent learning experience.  It was the ‘catalyst’ to carefully review my company’s policies & procedures (again). It has certainly defined areas where I can personally & professionally improve. And John’s feedback was both quick and insightful.” – L. R.

“The online course and web access was well-designed. Uploading assignments was reliable and worked well. John was very responsive and answered all my questions. The tests reminded me of the PMP exam and kept me focused.” – J. F.

“Excellent instructor. Extremely rapid assignment feedback.” – L. R.

“Barb was fantastic. I struggled with the first module because I did not understand the expectations of the course. Barb helped me understand expectations and kept me on track. I appreciated her feedback and could tell she was reviewing the materials I submitted.” – A. J.

“Barb was awesome. I am going to enroll in another course very soon!” – G. V.

Virtual Project Teams

“This course, in my case, achieved all objectives and, I believe, one greater deliverable: one more experience on my self-educational learning pathway.  It was a great experience, and I just can say thanks to my instructor Jean Steinmetz, PMP, and wish more students believe as I do. And one more thing: Lots of persons just forget to read books, due to new Internet and other technologies. I experienced much better learning results when alone, after all daily mind crow, in the evening, I took the book, and in silence read and learned about other persons experiences.  Combination of directed and objective-oriented courses and willingly chosen experience taken independently can result in GREAT FUEL. Once again, thanks to Jean and all of Cheetah (in my case VIRTUAL TEAM).” – V. C.

“In my opinion the most valuable part of the course is applying a complete, concise and easy to use project management methodology (via the templates) to a personal project.  Many times in professional endeavors a reduced set of documentation is used, and thus only a partial project management methodology is implemented.  This course was a nice reminder of using a complete methodology and how to document as such.”

“Jean is a very smart, personable, and supportive instructor.  Considering how much I have going in my life and that my original schedule for this class was compromised due to a few unforeseen “curveballs”, I really appreciated Jeans positive attitude, understanding, and support in keeping me moving until I completed the course.  Jean is awesome!” – A. H.

“Checking in my homework was effective as a tool to apply the material and receive feedback.” – B. D.

PM Of Weight Loss SmartStart

“Using a real life situation for the project was great and helped me toward achieving a personal goal. My instructor, Jean, was very helpful – I hope to have her as an instructor again!  I will definitely sign up for more Cheetah courses. Some (courses) similar to this would be great.” – S. F.

“What was most valuable? Applying PM skills to everyday life.” – L. C.

“Enjoyed the effort and it help me focus and succeed with my weight loss.” – D. G.

“It was my first re-certification course with Cheetah and I really enjoyed doing it. The instructor comments were engaging and to the point.” – Y. V.

“I like courses that you can actually accomplish a real task/goal that help you learn while getting something done.”

“For me, this was a great approach to weight loss — treat it like a project.  Thank you for this opportunity.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I achieved my weight loss goal of 15 pounds today, three months ahead of the project schedule!!  I’ve had so much fun that I’ve now extended my target to 20.  Creating a project plan was just what I needed to be successful.  This is the first time in my life that I have successfully implemented a weight loss plan and I credit that to having spent a great deal of time creating a plan and approaching it like a project.  The only downside is that my project will go over budget due to buying new clothes that fit!  Although I realize that I did all of the work myself, I want to thank you and Cheetah for giving me a tool to assist my efforts!”

PM Certificate for Government IT Professionals

“Kelly’s insight was very valuable and help me understand the course expectations.” – C. S.

“I liked the streamlined project management documents (project agreement,…). I often find the documentation that various organizations come up with is too cumbersome. I think the more straightforward the documents, the better they work for communication.” – J. R.

“Good class overall, good feedback from the instructor, very happy with the results.” – R.C.

PM Certificate for IT Professionals

“Easy to understand course material and clear and precise feedback from Instructors.” – N. G.

“I really enjoyed the course. Thank you Kelly and Cheetah!.” – C. T.

“Kelly was a great instructor. Very responsive, very flexible and very helpful. I feel that I couldn’t have completed the course without her. Thank you Kelly for a great learning experience! And Thank you Cheetah for a great online course. I will definitely come to cheetah for future PM development needs; and will refer friends as often as I can.” – S. T.

Cheetah Action Project (aka CHAP)

“Jean is a very smart, personable, and supportive instructor. Considering how much I have going in my life and that my original schedule for this class was compromised due to a few unforeseen “curveballs”, I really appreciated Jeans positive attitude, understanding, and support in keeping me moving until I completed the course. Jean is awesome!” – A. H.

“I really think that the course outline and assignments are well thought out and quite relevant to, at least, what I do in my daily work. Templates are easily managed and customized. I recommend Cheetah Action Project to all PM professionals.” – D. R.

“Jean was excellent. She answered every call, reviewed work assignments and gave prompt feedback for every submission. It was like she was in the office down the hall. I wish I could get my remote workers to give their customers that kind of presence. I will recommend this course to others for two reasons, course content, and quality service.” – D. M.

“I accomplished what I set out to and Cheetah made it possible for me to improve my life while at the same time earn my 60 PDU’s.” – E. T.

“Jean was an exceptional instructor and gave me timely and consistent encouragement.” – J. L.

“Cheetah really does a great job in delivering meaningful content and feedback in an electronic format.” – P. R.

“I have had excellent experiences with Cheetah Learning. I will continue my education with this organization.”

PM Toolbox

“Since our company uses very few forms, this course went quite fast for me. I can see how it would be much more effective for a larger organization with more existing processes/procedures.” – D. P.

“The output will be super for me going forward.” – L. C.

“This was a super course! Thank you!” – N. H. “I appreciate the PM tools/steps given. Thanks Team Cheetah for creating them.” – S. Z.

Project Prosperity

“Very good course. Opened my eyes on how to manage my cash flow.” – C. P.

“Doing this course was an excellent experience. This is truly life changing stuff. Thanks Cheetah Learning, a million thanks.” – G. B.

“Developing a project plan for one of my long held dreams really makes it seem attainable.”  – G. B.

“Great course!” – M. S.

“I think this course should be required for all high school students in the US. The fundamentals taught are critical to life success. I’ve done many of these activities on my own before the course but having them packaged this way made it easier to build up on my learning. I wish I had taken this course about 5 years ago. I would have gotten these concepts learned a lot faster!”

What was the most valuable part of the course? “Realization of how powerfully our perceptions of money impact our lives”.

What was the most valuable part of the course? “The course was very aligned with what is currently going on in my life so the content becomes another tool for me in my ‘tool box'”.

What was the most valuable part of the course? “Presents a strategy for personal prosperity (not just money)”.

“This has been one of the best courses I’ve taken so far. The ability to master the skills and apply them is invaluable. Thanks”.

“This course helped me understand how I can use my Project Management skills in my personal life. Also, it made me document my goals and how I can achieve them.”

“Enjoyed the class and it helped me to put some ideas (I had in my mind for a while) on paper and get a plan to implement them. Thank you!”

“One of my first on-line courses, I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how effective the course was.”

Sales and Marketing Accelerator System

“Great concept and very helpful instructor. The on-line system allows you to work at your pace and when you have the time.” – D. H.

“Obtained a better appreciation for the sales and marketing lifecycle.” – L. K.

“The entire structure of the course allowed me to tailor the activities to address actual on-going work issues. The course in its entirety is of great value to anyone in marketing.” – D. H.

Fundamentals of Accelerated Learning

“Working through the course has been a very rewarding and exciting journey.  The AL course has brought together the foundational principles into a cohesive whole.  It enabled me to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate the core elements of AL design and implement them in real life. ” – V. B., PMP

Cheetah Family Office Set-Up

“The act of forcing reflection on activities was also a good reminder about how beneficial this process is.” “I am better organized with my personal/business information.” – L. L.

“Honestly the entire course was valuable. It motivated me to tackle a long overdue project and it helped me realize that I should apply my project mgmt skills to more personal activities!” – B. C.

“This course was fabulous in that it had me apply project management principles in a tangible way and accomplish a personal goal.” – M. O.

“It was fun and at the end of the course it provided me with not just learning but also a Family Office. Great course.”

“I liked the course, It not only helped me with the phases of a project, but I have peace of mind that my personal documents are organized and easily accessible.”

“This type of course is structured in a way where you learn the concepts as well as end up with a personally useful home office system.”

“Sometimes when you take a class, it also helps you personally. This was definitely the case when I took “Cheetah Family Office Set-up”! I was surprised at how much it helped me to gain control over my personal and previous work affairs and opened dialogue between me and my family members. It got me on a track for continued success and is still being used!” – Amy E.

PM of Pet Care Smart Start

“Most valuable? Further structuring and organizing our project efforts in Pet Care.” – J. P.

“Thank you so much for all your great comments and encouragement on my PM of Pet Care class.  With the PDU’s I earned on that course my PMI requirements were met and I was able to renew my PMP credential. I originally considered the pet care exercises, primarily, as a way to ensure that my son understood the responsibility of caring for a dog, but I have to tell you that the PM of Pet Care class that we all participated in has prepared us for this puppy far more than I could have imagined or hoped.” – L. C, PMP “K Man”

Selling PM to Senior Executives

“Well worth the time.”  – R. T.

“Once again your course has been reasonably priced and easy to understand and complete. Barb is great to work with.” – B. B.

“If I’m in the position to influence increasing the focus on PM in our organization, this material will be helpful.” – A. I.

“Most Valuable? Better understanding as to how executives need to understand the impact of project management.” – L. C.

Earned Value Analysis

“Everything was very good.”  – B. T.

“I’ve taken multiple EV courses but the way this was presented was really effective.”

Project Quality Management

“I enjoyed reviewing the information in the Project Quality Management course, one of the better ones.”

“It was a good refresher on Quality. Must always think about it in every phase of the project.”

“Templates were helpful and will be applied to my current projects.”

2-PDU of the Month Club

“The activities and templates were the most valuable part of the course.”  – B. O.

“Great reminder of how critical lessons learned are for future projects.”  – L. K.

“I LOVE being able to do all of this online after putting the kids to bed! Helps me get the training in and doesn’t take away from my family time! NICE WORK WITH THIS PROGRAM!”  – M. S.

“I liked the Closing Process checklist. I can use this on my current and future projects.” – D. L.

“The templates that were provided are great. I plan to use them with all my projects. I particularly like the Project Archives Report – it is easier to complete and follow than the forms I’ve previously used.” – M. M.

“I really liked the size of this course. I don’t always have hours to spend learning online. I also find that information is absorbed more efficiently when it is in smaller chunks. Thanks.”

“The value of these courses to my current position cannot be overstated. I have utilized the concepts to enhance our Project’s performance many times—from Stakeholder Management to Communication Plans (we are a multi-cultural Project with Team Members in 3 different locations) to becoming more agile. Believe me, the ideas I receive from the Cheetah courses makes them count for more than just PDUs!!” – P. L., Kazakhstan

Cheetah PMO

“Many of the template deliverables provided great insight to alternative perspectives; The ability to get away from actual work-driven constraints and be afforded the ability to do things by-the-book in a back-to-basics manner…I’ve had the pleasure of taking prior courseware and engaged Jean before – she’s awesome. – Responsive, professional and motivating. I look forward to engaging her on subsequent courses.”  – J. L.

Effective Project Management

“I learned how to speed up an otherwise cumbersome process for planning and managing a project.”

“The most valuable part of the course was working through the course worksheets, especially personal balance sheet and brand building/bruising exercise.”

“I totally get the concepts and understand how they relate to almost any project. Book is also excellent.”

Effective Negotiation Skills

“I really plan to put the lessons I learned into use. Understanding my blind spots and understanding my cast of characters, I will better be prepared in my negotiations. I enjoyed the exercises and found the content worthwhile.” “The book, the knowledge and the activities all fit together well. This was a good course.”

“The skills presented in the course are skills that apply to every day negotiations and encounters. Well worth the effort to understand and practice. Great book to have and re-read.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “Everything. I think I enjoyed and have used this course more than any of the others I have taken.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?:“Very intuitive course, easy to follow, understand and learn. Love it”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “The negotiation tactics and the different stages that we need to understand to get to a successful negotiation. It is also important to note that negotiation tactics change based on people we are we are negotiation with and their personality. It is not a “One size fits all”.” Other Comments?: “This is an amazing course. The “Effective Negotiations” book is well written and has much more information than one bargains for. Thank you Michelle and also thank you Jean for your valuable feedback about the course.”

PM of Spring Cleaning

“I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot that I think will help in my future projects. My instructor, Jean Steinmetz was very helpful, and her feedback on my project plan gave me insights that I would have missed without her help.”

“I really enjoyed the exercises. They were pertinent and applicable to many aspects of my life! Thanks!”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “Taking the course material that translates not only to my professional life, but seeing how to apply it to my personal life.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “Refresher on PM fundamentals for use at home and not just at work on projects. I had a computer issue on a holiday weekend and your staff responded amazingly quick to answer my question.”

“I was amazed at how well doing the steps together worked to motivate my family to work together.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “This is a good, challenging course that reinforces the PM concepts very well both in and out of work.”

“The amount of information I was able to learn about myself was truly unexpected.  I look forward to using these techniques to continue my growth as an individual”

“The tools were simple and easy to use and easy to relate to home projects as well as work projects…The course was well organized and the articles were relevant to the course topics”

“The adapting to personality types to assign work was not something I had ever thought of.  That section was very useful.”

“Mindful practices helps me with the 8 different awareness”

“The course was valuable and useful – things I have learned – 5S, FORCE, and some interesting psychological and behavioral concepts and facts.”

“‘It was both a reinforcement of basic project management fundamentals AND enrichment topics. The exercises were thought provoking. Topics covered can apply to work, family, relationships, etc.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “All of the course was helpful, but the mindfulness exercise made me view how I work differently.” Other topics you’d like to see in a course?: “I think that the course was well balanced and wouldn’t change a thing.”

Pro Forma and ROI for Project Management

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “I love the templates. As a hands-on learner, having a template is wonderful to play with.”

“Love Cheetah courses…they are really well done.”

“This was a very effective and enjoyable course. I do not normally work on projects that have profit/loss involved so I felt I learned a lot in a creative way. Thanks!”

Effective Virtual Teams

“I loved this course. I am currently working in a virtual, multicultural team. And some of the items discussed in this class had an immediate impact.”

“This couldn’t have come at a better time!  I am becoming a telecommuter next week and my team is staying in the Texas office.  This helped me a ton.  Developed a great communication plan that I will be using in two weeks.  Thanks for a great course.”

What was the most valuable part of the course?: Doing the exercises and reading the Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges. Good material for project work as well as everyday life interactions with people.”

Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator Certification Training

“Because of this course I joined a Toastmasters local chapter and purchased MindManager 15 mind mapping tool.”

Risk Management Part One

“This course really helped me. Risk was/is perhaps one of my weaker points but I better understand how to improve now.” – Jerry Jones, PMP

 “Another wonderful experience with Cheetah!” – S. D.

The Happiness Project

“Love the class! Very helpful information to help with all aspects of life. Loved the exercise and mind connection. All sections where great! So glad I took the class.” – Barbara S.

“I really liked Michelle’s many embedded videos, which made this course more lively and interesting than courses that just comprise reading and activities. Great course, unconventional, but very personally useful. Would recommend!

“I love the entire Cheetah Corp! Thank you all for being such great people and for the efforts you all expend for we PMs to be able to partake in such value! Blessings, Sam” – Samuel K.

“I truly learned techniques to improve how I handle situations which will help me be a more successful person/employee. This was a fantastic, informative class and I am extremely glad I took the course.” – R. P.

“This course really did help me to appreciate all the fantastic things in my life, instead of centering on the bad ones which werent really that bad, once I refocused them” – F.R.S

Project ROI

“Lively presenter that kept my attention. The information was ironic to current projects that I’m working on in that I’m having to provide IRR information along with future DPP. This was valuable and great to hear another perspective.” – J. R.

“Session was well laid out and informative.” – G. D.

“Definitely knowledgeable and the interactive nature of the session was very good.” – R. S.

“all project managers should have to take this or similar courses.” – T. L.

“our members have gained important knowledge and expanded their project management skill set and that ultimately serves to improve project management at AT&T.” – T. B.

The Goal Lab

What was the most valuable part of the course?: “Understanding what my real interests are and why sometimes some interests seem boring” – E. B.