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Discover your innate strengths and challenges for doing projects. Learn how to pick the right projects for your unique capabilities and do your best on the projects you don’t get to pick. Learn a fast, fun, and easy way to do the variety of projects you encounter throughout your life. Learn how to move “Cheetah fast!” You will learn and practice techniques to leverage the strengths of people helping you with your projects. You will also learn the most effective Project Management practices for you based on your innate strengths that can help you achieve long-term, sustainable success in pursuing your goals. The course includes a number of hands-on activities you use immediately to learn how to leverage your strengths to pursue your own goals, fast. You leave with working knowledge of how to use your strengths to start and successfully complete projects in your personal and professional life. “Taking this course I realized I really did have the talent and capabilities to achieve my goals. I realized that any goal I set was really just a project in disguise. I also loved the online self-directed format. There was no way I could have passed the course final exam if I had not rolled up my sleeves and actually did the work, which was what helped me succeed. Cheetah – you folks are learning pros.” – Kendra Davalos, Shipping Manager

Program Details

  • Credit – 20 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits
  • Tuition – $1,200 USD
  • Start Date – The course is available online as soon as we receive full payment.
  • Duration – 20 hours – You can complete this course in less than a week (20 hours). However, we give you up to eight weeks (including your 2 week orientation) from the date you register to complete all the course activities.
  • Course Location – Online
  • Access – Instructions provided once payment is received and processed. Course Material – In order to complete the course activities, you will need to purchase the Cheetah Project Management book. This is available on Kindle, Nook, or in hard copy. All other material you will need to do the activities is provided online, including the online final exam. If you live outside the US, please consider that it may take two weeks for shipment of the hard copy of the book.

What You’ll Learn

This course consists of three modules where you learn how to start and successfully complete a project in your life, learn how to work with others effectively in a project team environment, improve your ability to communicate, and learn how to select the projects that will give you the best chance of finding long-term, sustainable success with your unique capabilities and interests. Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • Learn and apply effective Project Management practices.
  • Recognize the basic standards of behavior that will make you more successful with completing your projects and achieving your goals.
  • Learn how to recognize and develop effective practices in others that can help your projects be successful.
  • Learn how to move at Cheetah Speed to achieve your goals.

The Instructors