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Mastermind is the activity of expanding possibilities. It works well when you get a group of people together who are all focused on expanding their opportunities and just want to “go for it.” It works even better when the group is guided through various activities geared towards helping people leverage their four key sources of capital with and for each other. These sources of capital are: knowledge (our skills), brand (our reputation and credentials), social (our relationships), and infrastructure (what we have that supports our lives and our businesses). We have found the most effective mastermind groups have skilled facilitators that lead a group of 10 – 12 people in five, two-hour business development skill building meetings over a three-month period.

In this program, you’ll learn the skills required to be certified as a Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator. Cheetah Learning’s focus is to make it fast, fun, and easy for people to achieve their dreams. As a certified Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator, you will learn how to lead a mastermind group so it is fast, fun, and easy for the participants to create an ever-expanding set of opportunities and the skills to “go for it.” Once you successfully set up and are running your own Cheetah Mastermind group, you can be listed on our website as a Certified Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator.

Facilitator Certification Training Program Details

Credit – 33 Cheetah Spots/Education Hours
Tuition – $1,980 USD
Start Date – The Facilitator Certification Training course is available online and you can start the course as soon as we receive full payment.
Duration – 33 hours – You can complete this course in less than a week (33 hours). However, we give you up to six weeks from the date you register to complete all the course activities.
Course Location – Online
Access – Instructions provided once payment is received and processed.
Course Material – In order to complete the course activities, you will need to acquire a copy of Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. Most public libraries will have this book, so you may not need to purchase it. All other material you will need to do the activities is provided online, including the final exam.

What You’ll Learn

Topics covered include:

  • Mastermind basics
  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Facilitation skills
  • Vision to action
  • Mastermind activities
  • Cheetah Mastermind next steps

Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • Develop mastery in facilitation so you can lead mastermind participations to expand their opportunities.
  • Expand what is possible for you so that you can be a role model for the mastermind process.
  • Learn how to capitalize on the opportunities that emerge by being a Mastermind Facilitator.

The Instructors