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The Cheetah SmartStart Guide for the PMP E-Book is filled with helpful information for passing the PMP Exam and becoming a PMP. Topics include:

  • How the PMP boosts your career
  • Why many PMP's earn $20K more within their first yer
  • What you need to do to become PMP Certified, Cheetah Fast
  • Crucial steps you must take to pass the PMP Exam

Download a Free Chapter on Test Taking Strategies to Pass the PMP Exam: 

“I wasn’t sure if I could really pull off becoming a PMP until I read Cheetah’s Smart Start Guide. It gave me the confidence to go for it. Thanks Cheetah - it’s easy to see why you’re the leader in this field.” 

Walter U., PMP on Cheetah SmartStart Guide

"The attitude of importance, encouragement, and 24-hour-a-day focus is like a wave that sweeps you up and helps carry you through the exam. Someone asked me what I thought about taking a series of Saturday classes in prep for the exam. My thought is that this kind of learning would be too diluted to have the same impact of the solid four-day infusion that Cheetah delivers."

Pat M., PMP on Cheetah PMP Exam Prep

The Cheetah SmartStart Guide for the PMP E-Book

Essential reading for prospective PMPs.

Learn about what it takes to pass the PMP Exam, advance your career, and get on living your life. Cheetah Learning is the Gold Standard in Project Management education specializing in accelerated learning techniques that last a lifetime.

“I just want to take a second to say thank you! I am absolutely certain that without the Cheetah Prep course and the enthusiasm of Paul [PMP Exam Prep instructor] I would have not been able to pass this monster of an exam. My only regret is that I didn’t take this class from the start. Again, thank you a million times…somebody that had as much difficulty as I did, with cognition issues, multiple exam attempts and three other prep classes was able to pass because of this class.” 

Marilyn D., PMP on Cheetah PMP Exam Prep

"...By the time I finished the course, I was averaging just below 90% on the practice tests and feeling very confident for the exam...I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Cheetah Online PMP Exam Prep course to anyone.” 

Jon S., PMP on Cheetah PMP Exam Prep

About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind The Cheetah SmartStart Guide for the PMP E-Book.

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, CCPM, PMI-ACP, RYT

Michelle is the Founder and Chief Cheetah at Cheetah Learning. She pioneerd the accelerated PMP Exam Prep course that set the foundation for a growing industry to flourish. It is scientifically proven that Cheetah's PMP Exam Prep course will increase your self-efficacy. 

If you’re considering taking a PMP Exam Prep course for the next leap in your career, take a step back from pass rates, study guides, and vocabulary flash cards. Ask yourself: What is it that I really want out of my career? What do I love about Project Management? How can I make sure this experience of becoming a PMP is a significant part of my career?

Identifying your passions will light the spark that inspires you to earn a credential that is meaningful for you. Rather than feeling external pressure to earn your PMP (from your supervisors, co-workers, or anyone else) you will develop intrinsic motivation to pursue a learning experience that aligns with the goals that you define for yourself.