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Cheetah Learning now has an accelerated PMP® exam prep program for as low as $1495. For more information about PMP Exam Prep, Corporate Discounts, and Installment Plans, call 888-659-2013 or email.

Certified Accelerated Learner

Why do You Want to Learn Faster?

  • Pass Exams Better – Study Less and Get Better Results
  • Take On Bigger Opportunities
  • Keep up With Technology Innovations
  • Create New Solutions to Today’s Challenge
  • Do Better in Classes

We live in a world where the New York Times produces as much information in one day as people experienced their over entire lifetimes just 200 years ago. Yet our brains have not evolved as quickly to process this level of information – so information overload and constant distractions from texting, emails & social media make it harder than ever to stay focused and achieve meaningful goals. Combine this with the reality that many careers today did not even exist when people in their mid-twenties were in college and most of us change careers at least five to ten times in our lifetimes.

Being able to learn faster and retain more information longer is no longer a luxury – it’s a mandatory requirement to stay viable in a highly competitive employment market.

But we have distraction factors today that make learning new skills more difficult than 200 years ago – adding a double whammy to this issue. We also though have technologies and techniques that make accelerated learning a real viable skill you can quickly master. With accelerated learning skills, you can quickly become a leader in the areas you wish to focus your attention. This is the reason we created the Certified Accelerated Learner program. We have validated the techniques you will master in the Certified Accelerated Learning program over the past two decades with over 70,000 students through Cheetah Learning’s award winning programs on project management, negotiations, and accelerated exam prep.

Program Details

  • Credit – 40 Cheetah Spots/Education Credits
  • Tuition – $1,995 USD
  • Start Date – Available now. Access to course content begins as soon as your payment is received.
  • Duration – 40 hours – You will have 8 weeks to access the course content from the date you register.
  • Course Location – Online Access – Instructions provided when you register.

What You’ll Learn

Our Learning Objectives are for you to:

  • You learn how to learn faster by mastering how align your innate learning strengths and learning preferences to that which you wish to learn.
  • You also learn how to get and keep your mind in peak performing condition.
  • One way to go faster anywhere in life is to avoid the speed bumps – the same is true for speeding up your learning. As part of this program, you learn how to remove your barriers to learning and replace them with learning accelerators.
  • You learn how to effectively access different thinking and memory processing capabilities to perform better on exams, and to develop faster abilities at seeing patterns which helps in forming new creative connections.
  • You master a speed reading technique that reduces time to read material while significantly increases comprehension and retention of the information processed. This speed reading technique also increases your gist reasoning so you can quickly grab the gist of both long and short bodies of knowledge.
  • Reduce your stress levels when you are put in new situations where you have to quickly perform to a high level of competence.
  • Increase people’s confidence in your abilities to quickly adapt to new situations (this helps you become a much more valuable new hire).


Course Outline

This course consists of four modules where you master the skills required to accelerate your learning:

  1.   Accelerated Learning Process – In this module you learn how you best learn based on your unique personality type. Then you learn how to set up a customized PMP info accelerated learning course that will work best for you.
  2.  Cheetah Reading – This is more than just speed reading – you learn how to quickly capture the gist of whatever you are reading and learn how to rapidly synthesize it into your working knowledge.  You learn how to pick up the key points, and evaluate the quality of the information (i.e. you quickly ferret out “fake news” from more legitimate information.)
  3.  Cheetah Focus –  In this module you learn how to adopt lifestyle habits that help you improve your focus which helps increase how quickly you can learn and apply new skills.
  4.  Cheetah Exam Prep –  Exams require a unique form of learning.  In this module you master skills to significantly reduce the time you prepare for exams, while dramatically improving your exam scores.

Testimonial “The accelerated immersion approach for preparing for the Project Management Professional certification exam was the greatest learning method I’ve ever used. I now use the mind mapping techniques with the rapid synthesis tricks on every test for which I have to prepare. I came away from the week long immersion experience with a lot more than just my PMP credential – I learned how to learn fast. I have already recommended this course to three colleagues.” Ron Hunt, PMP, Project Manager – The Walt Disney Studios.

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