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  • Create a Better World By Being More You and Bringing out the Best of Everyone

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Have you noticed when you are happy, doing what you love, you are more willing to help others succeed?    The question is how can we have more of that for everyone and create a better world?    At Cheetah Learning, we have come up with a process through a program we call the Cheetah Success Academy that helps you activate your innate genius to leverage your innate strengths, find and/or create the right opportunities for you and pursue them in the ways that are right for you,  and bring others along to help you in a way that leverages their innate strengths as well.    Everyone who has gone through this program has made significant advancements in their career, received promotions, pay raises, started businesses, helped their children do better in school, pursue bigger goals, and become more significant in their communities – but the biggest thing they value about the program is how it gives them a fresh approach to living in a way that does, in fact, create a better world.

    Cheetah students learn how to create a better world by bringing out the best of themselves and others.

    In the ten day, 60 hour online Cheetah Success Academy program, there are two primary goals.  The first goal is to help Cheetah students activate their innate genius and the second is to help them use their innate genius to then help bring out the best of everyone.  The mind map to the right shows how Cheetah students learn these two critical skills to help create a better world.  We will now dive into how specifically we do this.

    In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” he talks about the foundation required for people who are significantly more successful than others.  The first is they have the support that helps them best develop their strengths.  The second is they love what they are doing so much, they put in the considerable amount of time that it takes to become super successful with their respective “genius.”  The term “genius” is also known as your gifts, or your strengths.   So just how do you go about doing those two things?   This is where Cheetah Success Academy’s program comes in.   Cheetah students first learn the natural strengths of their unique personality type.  Then they explore how they could leverage and better develop their natural strengths to learn more effectively.  They explore what it means for them to be successful using their strengths and then they learn who around them is most likely to be most supportive in helping them further develop their strengths.  They learn how to choose the best opportunities that will help them leverage and further develop their innate genius.   They make being great at who they uniquely are key criteria when deciding which opportunities to pursue.

    But just activating your innate genius and using it to improve your life is only part of the equation for Cheetah students.  We are all on this planet together.  We all rely on others to make significant progress in our lives.   As part of learning how to leverage their innate strengths, Cheetah Success Academy students also learn how to leverage others innate strengths.  They learn how to support others in the development of their genius.  they learn how to engage with others in a manner of unconditional positive regard to create harmonious and uplifting relationships.  They increase their CQ – that is their caring quotient – so that those around them feel valued, respected, and appreciated for who they uniquely are and the genuine gifts they have to share.

    At Cheetah Learning we got started on this path by helping project managers go from being merely good project managers to becoming GREAT project managers.  Many of our PM students though told us – you need to make this program available to EVERYONE.   So this is where we developed the Cheetah Success Academy.


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