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  • High Performing Business – Learning – Options

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Being able to see all your options for learning, helps you make better choices for the types of courses that will work best for you to achieve your goals.

    Being able to see all your options for learning, helps you make better choices for the types of courses that will work best for you to achieve your goals.

    What I’ve discovered by being in the learning field for over 25 years now, everyone has their own unique mojo with how they best learn. Learning what this mojo is can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning efforts. I never find the need to label anyone as “learning disabled” – as I see all of us as learning enabled – just what is the way that best enables your learning?  A good teacher, and a good curriculum makes everyone “learning enabled.”  This is who we are at Cheetah Learning. We have designed online PDU courses where each person has the option to learn in the ways that are most effective for them.

    We also design experiences to help you find your learning style and to cultivate various preferences for what success means to you. For some it means they have more knowledge to pull on for making decisions, for others it means they have mastered a specific skill, and to others it means they have changed some element of their behavior – such as what happens for our many Cheetah students who improve their self – efficacy – that is their belief in their ability to accomplish their goals.

    How do you prefer to learn and what does learning success mean for you?  If you’re not sure, try out any of Cheetah’s courses, and discover more about yourself, while you also learn some valuable project management skills in the process. For today, we have a promotion where you can try any of these four courses, at a very affordable rate of $10 per hour of training.

    A Taste of Agile:  2 PDUs for $20
    “Good introduction to Agile. I plan to achieve the certification soon because of this course.” – R. W., PMP

    To redeem, enter promo code 2AGILE20 during registration.

    Register for A Taste of Agile

    PM of Parties: 5 PDUs for $50

    “I loved how this [course] helped me engage my family (especially my teenage daughter) in helping us get ready for the holidays. Thanks for putting together a fun PM course that helped me do something fulfilling with my family.”  A.J., CCPM

    To redeem, enter promo code 5PARTIES50 during registration.

    Register for PM of Parties

    Goal Lab: 5 PDUs for $50

    “I do goal setting at the beginning of every year. I mostly signed up for this course because I got a good deal on it. But I’m really glad I did as it gave me a very much different way to approaching the goals I’m going to pursue for the year. I don’t often find new ways of looking at my goals – so thanks for opening my mind to these different approaches.” – B.K., PMP


    To redeem, enter promo code 5GOAL50 during registration.


    Register for Goal Lab

    Cheetah Family Office:  20 PDUs for $200

    “Honestly the entire course was valuable. It motivated me to tackle a long overdue project and it helped me realize that I should apply my project mgmt skills to more personal activities.” – B.C., PMP


    To redeem, enter promo code 20CFO200 during registration.

    Register for Cheetah Family Office

    Project Turnaround:  40 PDUs for $400

    “I really appreciated how the concepts in this course applied to personal as well as business aspects of my life. I mixed them up as part of the exercises. It gave me real insight and perspective on what is really important in my life and what isn’t, and what to do about making positive changes.” – S.W., PMP


    To redeem, enter promo code 40TURNAROUND400 during registration.

    Register for Project Turnaround

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