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  • Share the Love – Healthy Habits – December 15, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    This is the Kihei pool where my father went every day the last two years of his life. I very much appreciate he had made such great friends there.

    My father was more of a “get to” than a “have to” type of guy.  He actually resisted those things he felt he “had” to do.   While this made those of us around him later in life who were caring for him a bit crazy, it actually has served me quite well as I reflect on this aspect of him.

    I am a lap swimmer. For me, this is a very big “get to.”  Especially up here in this small rural Alaskan town where it’s amazing we even have a town pool.  I inherited my love of swimming from, you got it, Dad.  When I was very young he was a lifeguard and swim team coach.  He had been captain of his college swim team and grew up living on a lake in the summers.  As kids, several times a week, throughout the year, he’d pack all of us into the station wagon after dinner and we’d go to whatever new indoor pool he had discovered.  It was like this in our travels as well.  My father loved to go on road trips and invariably we’d find ourselves at some pool or lake wherever we’d end up.  It seemed whatever body of water we were swimming in was the destination.

    The pool was also where my father made many of his friends – especially in his senior years.  And thinking about this, it’s where I’ve met two of my closest friends in the past ten years as well.  Supposedly research shows you are only as healthy as your closest friends and associates.  So it helps to have healthy habits that put you in proximity to where you’re likely to meet people who can become supportive friends.

    We teach how to adopt healthier habits and develop supportive social structures in Cheetah’s 10 hour online class called Peak Performing Mind Project.  To celebrate how my father inspired my “get to” approach with my own healthy habits,  use the promotion code “GetTo” at registration to take this course for $100.

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