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  • Share the Love – Seize the Moment – December 11, 2017

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT


    This is the garden I’m building in Alaska to become food self-sufficient year round. Take the Goal Lab Class and see how to create and pursue more meaningful goals for you.

    My father used to say “Opportunities are always all around you but are you prepared to take advantage of them?  You make your own luck by how ready you are to seize the moment.”

    For me, magic happens when I focus on expanding my capabilities.   I love designing new systems – whether it be a new way of learning a body of knowledge, creating ways to expand the growing season in Alaska, or increasing the efficiency in which we run Cheetah Learning.  Sometimes I don’t have the capabilities to pursue what it is I want to pursue until I start the pursuit.  This happens when I’m expanding into a new realm – like I have done recently with my goal of becoming food self-sufficient year-round in Alaska.   I realized that was my number one goal back in 2016 when I was updating the Goal Lab course.  Take the course and see why.

    To better prepare you to seize the moment in 2018,  take the 5 hour online Goal Lab course.


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