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  • High Performing Business – Discernment – Hope

    Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

    Even in the toughest life challenges, hope lives in those who are capable, self-sufficient, resilient and resource.

    Even in the toughest life challenges, hope lives in those who are capable, self-sufficient, resilient and resourceful.

    In reflecting on the divisiveness of this current election cycle,  I realized the projects I work on give me hope.  Hope helps discern where the opportunities are in the challenging times. For the past eight years I’ve been on a path to develop the capabilities to  become energy and food self – sufficient. Doing so, brings me hope that I can create a secure future for my family and my community regardless of the chaotic changes in our economic, climatic, and geo political landscape.

    While I was disappointed we have the same old standard white guy who won the election over the more progressive female candidate – the work I’ve done over the past several years to maintain an even keel of equanimity prevailed (we teach how to get to this level of peace in the course we call “the Happiness Project“).  I also realized no matter who is in office, or what type of economic upheavel is happening, or the games the oil producers are playing with our oil supplies,  I now have the capabilities to produce my own food and power.  Plus I also teach others how to develop the same capabilities – from the online course Project Energy Indepdence to our newest course that teaches people how to grow their own food year round – Project Micro Green.

    I have never allowed the status quo to define the altitude to which I am capable of rising – it seems so self – defeating to give some one or some event that level of power over me. Pursuing those projects that bring me hope helps me quickly discern what is truly mine to handle vs. what is the present mass consciousness over an unfolding event.  You too can get to a level of  life enhancing discernment from a base of ineffable peace.  You can do this by expanding your capabilities through these three online courses – The Happiness Project, Project Energy Independence, and Project Micro Green.


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